I’m Late!!

On the Night You Left
Just so you all know, these posts are written in advance. I write them at home, and then when we have a chance we upload them to the web server and then they “publish” at the magic time that we’ve set them for. I know, it takes the spontaneity out of life to a point, but I don’t know how else to get my blogging done when we have no steady internet. So…
Oh yes, the late part. WELL… usually in October the mood really hits me, and it did this year too, but we were so stinkin’ busy that whole month that I couldn’t do anything about it! Now here we are heading into mid November and I still haven’t had a chance, but I’m going to make it happen this week!!! I will start listening to my Christmas music!! I can’t believe I’ve lasted this long! Of course it’s been pretty warm, and that doesn’t help. Still to make up for lost time I might just have to keep listening right into February. Hee hee!!

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