Dumb Dryer

So we move into this house and my wonderful dryer that my in-laws got us for our wedding wouldn’t work because it was a gas hook up. The dryer is electric. So anyway, no big deal there’s a clothes line outside. Hmmmm…. I don’t especially like to hang up clothes, the jeans and towels always feel like cardboard and sand paper. But I could deal with it because I knew it was temporary. My pa-in-law said that he could wire it up for the dryer, and I knew he could too, because if ever there was a handy man, it’s him! You should have seen what he did with the “shed” in their old house in Colorado!! Anyhow, a few weekends ago he finally had a chance to do it, and I don’t envy him the task, because he had to crawl under the house! If it had been me, I’d be hanging out clothes till my dying day, no thanks! He even saw where a snake had crawled right where he was going! Ugh! I digress, he got it hooked up, and it worked like a gem. The problem now is that the dumb dryer won’t DRY! It really doesn’t get very hot in there, and it takes 2 hours or more to dry one load. This is not the dryer I remember it to be. I think Stu’s going to look into the voltage or something, I don’t have a clue… my unhelpful suggestion was, “maybe there’s a switch or something inside it.” Duh! Oh well, there’s always the line I suppose. 🙂

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