Christmas Shopping!

Ho Ho Ho! I’m ready for Christmas! Stuart and I got some stuff for our families this summer to start out, but that’s not really REAL Christmas shopping. Last weekend we were in Albuquerque, and I got wrapping paper, ribbon, and PRESENTS!!! Yep, I knew what I wanted to get Stu, but had to be in town to get it. Where we live, all country and everything, we don’t have much to chose from, BUT I finally had the chance to get it and I got it!! IMG_4119I can’t tell you what “it” is because you might blab, or worse Stu might even read it himself. 😀 Anyway, I also shopped for lights for the tree, which will be a REAL tree, and got some gifts for Qade. I can tell you what Qade’s are, cause he can’t read, and even if you told him he wouldn’t get it. 🙂 I got him a collection of Baby Einstein DVD’s and after I picked those up I was walking past the kid books and of course I had to at least LOOK, and lo and behold there was a collection of Beatrix Potter books!! Ack! All little hard bound stories, from Peter Rabbit to Miss Moppet nicely put together in a little box. Do you think I could just pass that up? Well, I didn’t. 😉 I think we may get one more gift for Qade because one of the traditions that we had in our house growing up is something I’d like to carry over. We had lots of symbolism (wooooo) in our holiday celebrations. We’d always talk about how the tree was to remind us of the cross, the lights were to remind us of how we are the light of the world, the star, of course the shekinah glory, and our parents would get each of us kids 3 gifts, and that was to remind us of the gifts of the magi. We got other gifts from grandparents and brothers and such, so we were never felt like we were getting jipped, but it was cool just to make it more special in a way. So, this year, Qade’s first Christmas, I’m going to talk to him about the tree, and the star and the lights of the world. I know he won’t remember, but I will!!

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