The other night Stuart, Qade and I went to town and ate dinner at Applebee’s yummy-yummy! Actually Qade didn’t eat, he just kept us company and provided the entertainment. His biggest stunt was puking all over Daddy on his way to the bathroom to be changed. I was happy that I was busy with my chocolate mousse at that point. 🙂 But anyway, that’s not really what this post is about. We were heading home and it’s a 45 min drive, so we got petrol and some cappuccino for the road. Stuart got French Vanilla, a good stand by, but I was feeling adventurous so I got something Vanilla Rush! Woo-hoo!! It had cinnamon in it though, and I don’t care for that in drinks so I was slightly disappointed, but I drank it anyway. IMG_6264I wasn’t sure what the “rush” part was, but figured it must be the spice. Well I got Qade home and ready for bed, and all cleaned up from his puking party, and I was beat! Sooooo tired, it had been a long day and I really felt like I was still recovering from being sick myself. I gladly took myself to bed, ya know it’s one of those times where the thing that makes you the happiest is just the thought of closing your eyes with your head on your pillow knowing that you’ll be asleep in seconds. Ha!! Not to be, oh no! My eye lids wouldn’t even stay closed!! Here I was dead tired, and no sleep was coming near me! I finally got up and wrote some e-mail and whatnot. I hate it when this happens! Finally I went back to bed and eventually to sleep. I just couldn’t figure out what in the world was wrong with me till sometime the next day when I finally realized what the “rush” was in the not all that great cappuccino that I had was. Grrrrr… if you’re going to pay for a drink with sleep, it should at least taste good! 🙂

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