No more sippy cup!

Well, all the baby stuff tells ya that you can start your baby on a sippy cup at 6 months. So dutiful mommy that I am I started introducing it around that time. However, Qade is not so interested in drinking out of a sippy right now. I recently had a conversation with one of my friends who said she had to finally just quit the bottle “cold turkey” with her baby. I’m not ready to do that with Bub-ba, just yet, so instead I’m quitting! 🙂 No biggie. Sometimes I’ve noticed that he’s not quite ready for something and I give it a while and *bam* he’s got it. So I’m taking a break from sippy cup pushing and we’ll leave it at that till at least after Christmas. By then, I think, he will be more than capable of handling the cup and at nearly 9 months I’ll be ready to fight the battle. Who knows though, it might be a surprise and he’ll just take to it like a fish to water. It could happen!

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