No Juice

Did I tell you the story about our electricity? Well it’s been a week or so now, but sometime while we were at the couple’s retreat a really big oak tree blew down right onto the power line and poll. It totally took out the meeter and everything. The power company came out and chopped up the tree and put the line back up, but apparently we were responsible to get an electrician to come put up the meeter and connect everything. We find all this out on Sunday night after getting back from working at the retreat. It’s getting dark and we are franticly trying to see if anything is salvageable in the freezer. I threw out one and a half big bags of food. Tsk tsk! Anyway we were fortunate to be able to stay with Stu’s grandparents who don’t live far from here. Stuart had to start work the following day at the school, and meantime was trying to figure out what to do about the power. The company kept giving us the run around and it looked like it was going to be a days if not weeks long process. It helps you know somebody who knows somebody, ya know? To make a long story shorter the electrician we found knew a guy at the power company and he worked it out so that we got past some of the ridiculous red tape. We left that week on Thursday for the rally, and that Friday the power came back on. Hurrray!!!!