Maybe you’re like me and you grew up in houses where the only “color” allowed or even imagined on the walls was white. Sorry, but I don’t really consider white a color. Anyway, one day we got a little crazy and actually used “egg shell” white…. hmmmm. If it was supposed to be different I couldn’t see it. But if you’re a white lover then that’s okay. We need boring people in the world too. (hee hee just kidding!) So as a statement against boring backgrounds we have decided to go all out in the color realm. Stuart was at first reticent, but that’s just cause he didn’t have my vision. A few episodes on the home and garden channel and he was converted. Okay, so I’m trying not to be TOO wild with it, but I just can’t wait to finally start painting. Oh, I also grew up in houses where the wood paneling was in vogue… I have no idea who first thought that stuff was great, but it seems it was quite a hit! We have that in our living room and while the long term plan is to sheet rock it, the short term fix, in my mind, is to paint it. Ha ha! So we shall see how this experiment goes. I’ll let you know, but I looked online and I’m not the only loony out there who wants to paint panelling.

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