I told myself that today I would NOT be idle. We just got home from the youth rally in Phoenix last night and there was a heap of work to do. Stuart had to go to school today and I wanted to be sure to use the time well while he was gone. I think I did well. It didn’t start out that way though. (oops) I hit snooze on my alarm clock, first mistake, and then just turned it off, second mistake, so i got up an hour after I really wanted to. However, i didn’t let it sabotage my entire day. I got a shower in before I had to feed the boy. We had a little play time before Sage came. Qade took a long morning nap and I thought I’d be able to really get a bunch done. Sage, however had other plans and I spend a couple hours trying to get him comfy. His tummy is having a hard time adjusting to formula. He finally dropped off to sleep just in time for Qade to wake up and want lunch. So I fed Qade with a new technique of formula- cereal- formula that seemed to work well. Then I was starving so i made some soup and right as I started to dig in I heard Sage fuss! AAAAAAAAA! I wasn’t really frustrated it just figures, ya know? Fortunately it was only a passing moment and he went back to sleep. I wolfed down my lunch and got busy. I have folded laundry, started more washing, unpacked the suitcase and duffle bag, cleaned the kitchen and started the dishwasher, kept wood burning in the wood stove, sorted Qade’s clothes, and dusted. I also fed the plants, rearranged some shelf stuff, cleaned off the kitchen table (q major feat in our house) sorted coupons, and of course, picked up toys. It is now almost 2:30 and i feel accomplished. maybe everything isn’t perfect and I know I should have got up on time so I could do the elliptical but I DID get my second cu of coffee, and read my Bible. All in all I think the day has been a success. I have 2 sleeping boys in the house a glass of water and some time to just be thankful. Speaking of, I need to write a thank you note. Toodles!

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