Feisty Kitty

IMG_6245The saga continues about our home again off again cat. I figured since he’d lasted the summer at the house with no one taking care of him, that when we were there to offer him food and water regularly he’d stick around. That was true to a point. When we are home, Thomas the cat is content to lie around very lazily and be fed, watered (if he’s thirsty he’ll go sit in front of the sink and meow pitifully) and petted, of course. However it seems that if we leave for even just a day or two, when we get home he is no where to be seen. Keep in mind that I always leave plenty of extra food and lots of water out for him. The last time we left him outside when we were gone he didn’t come back for several days, and I figured maybe he was gone for good. However, I underestimate the beast because home he came dragging a back leg with him. He couldn’t walk on it for a couple weeks at least. So, I knew we had another upcoming trip and decided to leave him INSIDE with a littler box and plenty of food and water. That worked keeping him there for the time we were gone, but when my mother-in-law arrived a little ahead of us he was off like a shot. Apparently his leg felt better and he needed an adventure. He came back the next day with new war wounds and a front leg very swollen. Ah, I’m afraid he will one day be coyote fodder, but till then I’m glad he’s back…. again. 🙂