I’ve been thinking about marriage lately. Not just because I’m married to the most wonderful man created, but because there have been several things that have prompted my thinking that way. First we just had a “romantic retreat” at camp. It was a lot of work, and we didn’t have a HUGE gathering, but we did have fun! That’s always the key ingredient in any camp setting. 🙂 The speaker spoke, of course, on marriage, and parenting, and things like that just make you think about marriage. Then when we got back from camp we discovered that our power was out due to a fallen tree, so we camped out at Stu’s grandparent’s house. She was 15 when they got married. So they’ve been married for oh… well probably 60 years or more! That’s a long time. She probably doesn’t even remember what it was like to NOT be married. As for me, I guess I’m on the slow side of things as I didn’t tie the knot till I was 26. But I don’t regret my single years, and I most definitely don’t regret waiting for the perfect one for me. My life is charmed. I get to be married to my very best friend, and still do things I love to like camp.

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