My wonderful man

IMG_6801I just wanted to take a moment and publicly brag about the most wonderful man in creation, my Stuart. I so often think that I got the better end of the deal when we got married! Stuart is so sensitive to my needs. Having a baby is a life changing event, and he has taken it in stride even when my moods were all whacky. Sometimes I feel like I’m too “needy” and I just need to suck it up and get over it, but he NEVER makes me feel that way. Instead he hugs me tightly and tells me how much he loves me. Ha, he even tells me how wonderful I am. (I know that I’m a mess for real, but it’s nice to hear) Stu has such patience with me, and encourages me to become a better person. Not so much that he tells me to be better, but he just inspires me by being better himself. He has a heap of responsibilities on his plate right now. He’s a husband, a father, an assistant pastor, a camp program director as well as a member of the board, he runs the youth group, is taking over the Sunday School program, cleans the church, and on top of all of that he’s working as a substitute teacher at the high school. That’s a LOT of stuff, but even though I know he feels the pressure sometimes, he is always so upbeat and positive about things. I love him more than anyone in the world and I’m so glad that he picked me! I live a charmed life, and it’s mostly because of my amazing man!