Sweetly Sleep

IMG_6558Poor Qade. He hasn’t quite learned the art of going to sleep at bed time. At least not consistently. Of course the tyke is only 6 months old and I can’t expect him to master every skill suddenly. I was encouraged because when Sarah Jane came to visit she told me that her little lad had only recently been an eager beaver when it came to bedtime and he is 18 months. Still, I can’t complain because Qade has been a terrific sleeper since very early! He slept his first 8 hr night on our move out to AZ and that was at 5 weeks for him! He has consistently been sleeping about 12 hrs a night for so long now that I can’t remember when he started. So a few struggles at bedtime can be overlooked. We still work with him. Sometimes he’s so sleepy by bedtime that he konks out without a fuss, but other times he thinks he’d rather play or at least NOT be in his bed. Those are the hard times. We let him know that we are there and love him, but we let him work it out. It’s difficult for moms to listen to their babies cry especially when they know they could “make it better” by just picking him up and snuggling. However, that won’t help him learn to go to sleep, and in the long run just makes the bedtime more of a nightmare. So we’re working on it. He fusses for awhile, and then we go in and comfort him, and he’ll usually fuss some more, but if we keep it up he finally nods off to la la land. Fortunately if WE are consistent it helps him to be more so as well. Hopefully soon we will experience bedtimes with no more tears.