Second Cup of Coffee

espressoI’m not sure what it is about the “second” cup of coffee that I find so relaxing. Maybe it’s because the first cup is just to jump start the day. Perhaps it’s the fact that my bubby is down for his morning nap by then and the house is peaceful. Usually I’ve already started some laundry or the dishwasher or some other chore, and am ready for a little rest. Who knows the reason exactly. I do know though, that the second cup of coffee is a great thing for me. That’s my “quiet time” where I can read my bible and know that the words will actually sink in rather than roll off like they would if I tried to read it as soon as my eyes opened. I can watch the sunshine through the window as I sit and sip, and just breathe and think. Yep, I like the second cup of coffee the best!