Sick Bubba

Yesterday morning around 4:30 I woke up because Qade was coughing and gagging. Turns out he was pretty sick. He kept spitting up this mucusy stuff and I thought maybe it was just nasal drainage bothering him. However when I gave him his morning bottle, he was happy to have it, but none of it stayed in his lil tummy. Poor baby! He wasn’t acting sick. He was smily and happy and played with his toys, but he was pretty tired and took a 2 and a half hour nap in the morning. I called the Dr. and of course they said to bring him in, but as usual, all they really said was to keep trying to get fluids in him and watch for dehydration. So we’ve been giving him pedialite which he doesn’t care for, but will take if mommy feeds him. He was able to keep some of it down last night. He slept well, and then I gave him a bit of watered down formula this morning as well as more pedialite. He has spit up some of it, but I think he kept some down too. I may try to give him a little cereal later. The pediatrician said to go easy on the milk for a couple days, so I’m trying to get creative about getting other stuff into him. I just hate it when he’s ill and I can’t “fix” it, ya know? I think that the extra snuggles are just as much for me as they are for him when he doesn’t feel good.

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