Two Little Teeth

IMG_5930Yep, my 5 month old has his first two teeth! It’s soooo cute to see the tiny white spots. They aren’t very big yet, but let me tell you, they work. He was playing with my fingers the other day and CHOMP I got a first hand experience of what teeny tiny teeth feel like on unsuspecting flesh. Ouch! When they first started emerging Qade got quite a kick out of rubbing the tip of his tongue back and forth on the new texture. That was hilarious to watch! He is so much fun because each new thing is an exciting adventure. He has begun to sit up all by himself, and that too was cause for squeals of delight. Unfortunately he’s not completely stable yet and sometimes his “excitement” led to flopping over backwards. Poor boy. Mommy laughs at him. 🙂 I just can’t help it though, Qade is so much fun and has so much personality. I almost can’t wait till he starts talking. Almost….

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