Written Ties Run Deep

IMG_6698In high school before absolutely everyone had IM and e-mail and all the other schazzies of the internet at their fingertips (yes, I know, I’m old) we used to write letters to friends. Real paper and stamp letters. Tell me, when was the last time you actually got one of those? Any more even Christmas cards don’t contain real letters. But anyway, I had several pen pals for a few years. Some were even overseas pals. I remember Germany and Hong Kong the best. However, I also had this pen pal from Oklahoma! We were very faithful to write each other for several years. Sarah Jane was her name, and I never got to meet her. We “grew up” together in a way even though hundreds of miles separated us. It’s pretty amazing how you can share with people on paper things that you have such a hard time actually saying face to face. Anyway, life moves on, college, jobs, and several moves later and we had totally lost touch. I had no earthly idea how to get in touch with my old pal even though I thought of trying from time to time. She however was much more sleuthy and managed to track me down. Last year we renewed our friendship, though I must admit it was now much more “electronic” than it was before. Still I guess e-mail and phone calls work too. 🙂 The first week of Oct brought my dear friend and her oh-so-cute little boy out to finally meet face to face. We had a fun time together! Visited the Grand Canyon, bought some Indian jewelry, and did some hiking. People would ask me if it was “weird” to have a visit from someone I’d never met before, but the question took me kinda by surprise, because in my mind we weren’t strangers. I mean, didn’t we grow up together after all? 🙂