Camp stuff

IMG_4886This weekend we are up at the campsite in Alpine. It’s BEAUTIFUL up here this time of year. Actually every time of year is awesome in these mountains. Anyway, we are up here working to get ready for the couple’s retreat that will be happening in October. The trees will be awesome then, and the crisp air will be the recipe for cuddling in front of the fire place with your love. We’re hoping to pack the camp with couples (all we can actually handle is 12 couples though). Stu and Qade and the dog and I drove down to camp yesterday, and just kind of chilled out for a while. We went to the local coffee shop, but the drinks were hideous! Apparently the ladies running the place had NOT been to barista school. *snicker* but we sat outside sipping and writing and it was fun. Then we went to the only restaurant in town for dinner and that was pretty good. We even finished off with apple pie and coffee. Nummy!! Qade was very good and content in his seat, and he even fed himself his bottle. He’s getting really good at holding it himself. So today I’ve done some organization and the guys are busy putting in new cabinets and then at lunch we’re going to grill steak. It’s turning out to be a pretty awesome weekend. 🙂