He’s Back!

IMG_5207Guess who’s back??? Yep, here in the fur is Thomas himself! We thought for sure he was gone for good that time we couldn’t find him for several days. However, Stuart had one last hope that he would return and when we left for another short trip away he left out a bowl of kitty food. Sure enough when we got back he looked and some of the food was gone. When we went to the back door to investigate if the dog had eaten it voila, there was our Thomas!! We were sooooo happy to see him alive! Stuart had even admitted that he missed the furry fellow when he was “lost.” He certainly looked like he’d been in a scuffle, but I think he was out sowing his wild oats and had a cat fight or two. He was really none the worse for the wear though. He’s been around and even more at home than ever. He now is even INVITED into the house, and Stuart allowed him to nap on our bed! Ha ha ha!! He’s a friendly cat, and I pretty much like him except when I’m in the kitchen trying to cook or clean and he’s constantly under foot or worse on the counter tops. I like having him around because I know he’s a hunter and hopefully he will help keep the rodents and the snakes in check. However…… dum de dum dum duuuuuuum….. check out the next blog!!!!