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Hello friends,

I have a suggestion for you… just try it and if you DON’T like it you can go back to the “old ways” ha ha. No seriously I love the web browser Firefox over just about any other, especially internet explorer. Unfortunately the one most of you use with your windows based OS is the explorer. Well, I’m challenging you to download Mozilla Firefox  and just give it a whirl for a little bit and see if you don’t like it better. There are several reasons that it’s superior. For one thing, web pages load a LOT better with things in all their right places. For example… if you’re using explorer you may not be able to see my pictures on this blog. Go figure, they are right there! Then another good reason I’ve discovered is that there are a LOT fewer stinkin’ pop up windows when you’re using firefox. Personally I don’t like seeing pictures of underwear adds jumping onto my screen when I’m trying to type or shop online. So, take the challenge, give it a try, all you’ll have to change is to “click” on the firefox logo instead of the big “E” for explorer. You’ll enjoy the experience, and be glad that you took my advice. 🙂

Your Welcome

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