Non Conference Related Life

Ha! I bet you have been waiting for this! I know I’ve been talking incessantly about the conference, but it really was a great time. I’ve come to the firm conclusion that getting away for a few days by myself for some me time or me related activities is something that I NEED! I’m going to make a very strong effort to have that happen once a year from here on out. Not necessarily that I’ll go to a conference every year, but that I will get away alone, and recharge. It was great to come home after the conference and just have renewed energy for my daily life activities which before had been growing very monotonous. Good stuff!

So the kitchen plan is in full swing. Our garage is full of drywall, cabinets and countertops! 🙂 I’m not thrilled about the process, but I’m very excited to see how it all works together in the end. 🙂 Now that I have seen the colors of the cabinet and counter I need to get some new paint! I love color and want to go a little more bold and bright in the kitchen. My first inspiration was the fresh color of cantaloup when I was chopping one up for dinner one afternoon. I just happened to find that EXACT color when I was meandering through the paint aisle last week. I haven’t sold Stuart on it yet, but I hadn’t seen the cabinets yet either. Now I need to put the swatch up to them and see if that’s even a possibility. 🙂 I do have some other ideas so if I cant have a cantaloupy kitchen then I’ll have a different one I’ll like just as much. Ha!

Anyway, Our camping adventure is coming up. 🙂 I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I’m happy we’re doing it as camping is something that we’ve talked about always wanting to do with our family. On the other hand I cant help but think they might be a bit on the young side for this to all be fun and games, ha ha! Either way it’ll be memories in the making. I’m sure we can survive anything for 2 nights right?? Right?? Hello???

I have had to send my baby #4 in to the doc. In case you’re all holding your breath, that would be my camera! 😉 Ha ha ha!! I’ve been having issues with the auto-focus function on the camera. At first I thought it was my lens. The one I like to use the most for portraits doesn’t really have an option to manually focus, so it’s just about impossible to use w/o autofocus. I sent the lens in first, but it came back saying it was all good, and the problem was still obvious so that means, most likely, that it’s a camera issue. I hate to send it in. Mostly I hate to be without it. But I’m hoping that it will be something that can be taken care of easily. *sigh* In the meantime I still have my point and shoot, but it’s so hard to go back to using it. Ha!

So that’s about it for now. Stay tuned for more non-conference news. 🙂