Ah Springtime…

My “young lads'” fancies haven’t yet turned to thoughts of love in the springtime, BUT they do turn to staying cool. 😉 I was kinda hoping that the habit of last summer wouldn’t have survived the winter, but alak, no. See, what happens when it’s time to go play outside they start by waving their arms out the door to see if they need a jacket. Then they loudly declare that, “I don’t need a jacket, it’s warm outside!” and away they go like a shot.

A little later I’ll look outside and this is what I see.

They manage to loose their shirts FREQUENTLY because they might be just anywhere outside when it suddenly occurs to them that they are ‘hot’ and must, of course, take off their shirts. So we find them in various places buried in the sand, under the junipers, in the ditch. *sigh*


Not only that, but they usually take off their shoes somewhere along the way as well. And this is a habit that I will have to nip, because while they have plenty of shirts if we can’t find the “original” one, they do NOT have a plethora of shoes. I have spent quite a bit of time lately hunting all of outdoors for someone’s shoos that they insist are “lost.” Funny how they can never remember where they took them off.


I thought that changing out their long sleeved/heavier clothes for shorts and T’s would help with the stripping…. but they still tend to leave their shirts and shoes everywhere. Ha!


I ordered them some new Crocs sandals for the summer. FedEx is just taking their dear sweet time getting them here. Hopefully they will be more inclined to keep them on their feet. I’ve already had to dig splinters out of a foot or toe on both of them. This climate isn’t conducive to little bare feetses. 😉 HOWEVER, even though they still often lose the shirts, at least when they are wearing shorts, they keep those on. Ha ha! These photos are tame compared to what I saw the other day when I glanced out the window and they were both playing in the sand in nothing but unders. 😉 Such funny boys! Ha ha! They keep me humored.


3 Responses to “Ah Springtime…”

  1. Joy says:

    I don’t suppose that they could be “trained” to put their shirts in a specific spot when they take them off? I’ve been attempting this with Helen (though I’m around more with her), trying to get her to put anything she takes off on the porch.

  2. Rachel says:

    I’ve been trying to get them to put shirts AND shoes on the steps when they feel the urge to shed them, but it’s not working so well. They’re always off somewhere when it happens.

  3. Joy says:

    Or you could strip them before they go outside 😉

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