Friend Ship

This week for Shutter Love Tuesdays the theme is “Friendship.” I had SEVERAL photos that I really wanted to use, but finally just picked this one! This was during our second summer at camp and Qade was just 13 months old. One day Wally came over to play with us in the yard, and they had quite the time together. Wally is all ears and long legs, big feet and tail. He had to be one of the gangliest dogs I’ve ever known, but he was amazingly gentle with our little one! I was shocked at the difference in him. This shot of touching noses, just speaks friendship to me. Hope ya like it! 🙂 You can see other friendship photos and vote for your fav by clicking on the button at the bottom. Toodles!



3 Responses to “Friend Ship”

  1. Jessa says:

    This is a touching photo! So very sweet.

  2. Kilika says:

    How sweet!! It’s one of those photos that makes me just stare and stare thinking how adorable. Capturing something like this is so rare! I love it.

  3. Sarah says:

    This one’s so adorable, Rach!! I love it. Perfect capture.


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