The Ranch

Well, we’ve started the blog for our ranch. 🙂 I’ll be moving all of my “homesteading” posts over there. So if you’re interested in the “Views from the farm” and updates on chicken and goats and so forth, you can join us there. 🙂 Eventually I hope to post tutorials on real food eating, cheese making, milking and anything else I can “learn” to do. Even if you don’t plan on doing those things yourself, you might get a kick out of the process that we go through. 😉 Ha!

Anyway, you can visit us at

Then this blog will go back to being mostly just about our family stuff! 🙂 See ya here or there!

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  1. Johnna Traver says:

    Hey Rachel,
    Didn’t know the best place to get ahold of you, so hoping you will see this at some point. I just read an article that I thought you might be interested in — Idk, maybe you already know about this — but anyway, I thought you might like to give it a read.

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