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Butter Wrapper

Don’t toss that butter wrapper!! You ARE using butter and not that completely fake, really bad for you, disgusting imposter stuff known as margarine, right? 😉 If not… do so. Please! Thank you! Anyway, this was a tip that I picked up a loooong time ago when I was reading up on the Great Depression. I couldn’t tell you where I saw this tip, but it did stick with me. Back then when people didn’t have enough but still had that stalwart “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit” attitude, they came up with some amazing ideas for making things stretch farther than you’d think possible. Take butter wrappers for example. I “useta” just unwrap the butter, try not to get my hand schmeered and toss those suckers in the trash. What a waste!! There’s plenty of butter stuck on those wrappers, so why not put it to good use. Grease down your baking dishes with it! Voila! That couldn’t be easier! It’s frugal and useful and just an all around good idea especially since we all want to stop using those cans full of not-real “grease” that we spray on everything to keep it “non stick” right? 😉 So next time you bake, make sure 1) to use real butter and 2) to use the wrapper to grease your bakeware. It’ll make you feel good! 🙂 And if you’re careful, you won’t even end up getting your hands schmeered in the process!... read more

Bed Bumper

I’m starting a “tips” category on the blog, just for fun. 🙂 Likely most of my tips are common sense stuff that I should have known about before I had the “voila!” moment, but maybe one will come in handy to someone someday. 😉 Today’s tip is about “big kid” beds! When our boys moved to toddler beds I didn’t really have to think about rails for them so that they wouldn’t fall out. Those beds have little “sides” and are so low to the ground that it’s not a problem should they fall out, ya know? When we got Ella’s big girl bed however, it was much higher and I knew from her sleeping habits that it wasn’t likely she’d stay put! 🙂 She was a wild sleeper in her crib! But I really didn’t want to have to invest in one of those big rails you can get that slide under the mattress and have a mesh thing for the kids to roll against. They are awkward, ugly and pricy. And you only really use them for a short time. So this idea really appealed to me! Use a pool noodle under the sheet to provide a “bumper” that will help them stay on the bed! I tried it just under the sheet but it would not stay in place and actually rolled to the side of her mattress when she’d move against it, and she fell out of bed one night. In my mind Gorilla Tape fixes lots of things, 😉 so I used it to keep the noodle still. It’s not so pretty really, but it works! I have the noodle taped to the mattress pad, and then we actually have another waterproof pad that zips over the whole mattress and noodle. So far this has worked really well for keeping our gal from rolling out of her bed. And it’s not that noticeable under the sheets when it’s all made up. There ya go cheap and easy bed bumpers for littles!... read more