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For quite some time now Stu and I have been talking about setting up a parenting blog. 😀 It will be full of stories, wit, tips & tricks, philosophy and a good dose of humor, I’d imagine. We’ve already got some great ideas for post brewing away! One thing we don’t have though is a name for our blog. We can’t seem to land on just the perfect one. So any and all of you creative namers out there, give your input on what the name should be. 🙂 Also, what topics, discussions, questions (??) would you like to see in a blog about imperfect parents doing their best to bring up healthy, happy and most importantly godly kids? Shoot some ideas our way! 🙂... read more

Sunday Song

I was listening to this song this afternoon while cleaning up the never ending mess in the kitchen, and it was an encouragement to my heart. Hope it is to yours too! read more

Fall in Love… again!

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest ! Happy Valentines day!! I hope that you have a good day thinking about your love, and your little loves if you have some. Valentines was always overrated in my mind. My best friend and I used to celebrate “Singles Awareness Day” in college. I had more fun with that one than should reasonably be allowed for a single (and therefore depressed, of course {eye roll} ha ha!) gal waiting for the love of my life. But even though we don’t go whole hog in our home for Valentines, I’ve come to appreciate it’s existence because it gives me an excuse to to think about the man I married, the million little reasons why I love him, and how happy I am that we get to be Valentines every day of the... read more

Say it!

I remember a quote from one of the “Anne” books and it pops into my mind every now and then. It’s in Anne of the Island and is when she is strolling through the “old St. Johns” graveyard reading epitaphs. She reads one that says so-in-so was “The best of husbands, the best of fathers and the best of friends.” Her comment was, “I wonder if they told him he was all of those best things while he was still living.” The reason it stands out in my memory is hearing stories of people who wish they would have told someone something when they had the chance. That’s why todays Valentines Week thought is to say it! Tell the people you love what they really mean to you. Especially your special someone!!! Tell them what you love about them. Tell them what you appreciated about having them in your life. Because even if you think they know, you will never regret saying it whereas you might regret not saying it. So… Say it!!! Source: via Rachel on... read more

Survive the storm

As I think about this Valentine week, I’m pretty sure that there is NO relationship that doesn’t go through storms. In my observation some people have stormy relationships, and some people weather life’s storms together. I wanna be one of those that goes through them together rather than creating them in the relationship. We can share the same umbrella! (Unless you live in Florida where the rain comes down sideways and you’ll get wet anyway. Ha ha) Source: via Rachel on... read more

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