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It’s the time of year for split fingers! Ouch!! I try to be consistent about wearing gloves when doing dishes and such, but I still end up washing my hands a lot (hello, diapers!). So I’ve been slathering on some Cetiphyl that I found in the cellar hoping that it would help. I think I need to get started on some Fermented Cod Liver Oil, but it’s pricy and I’m pretty sure I’ll need the capsules not the liquid if I’m going to get the stuff down. No baby goats yet. I’m giving up! 😉... read more

Random Saturday Post

I have decided to name the spider in the window Hector. Spoken with a bit of a uh… accent, Spanish or French take your pick. 😉 I figured since the creature will be there till Spring, I may as well get acquainted. Though don’t expect me to show any mercy when that plastic comes off the window! No matter how hard they try they can never really make “Charlotte” all cute and appealing. Nope! Scratched another off my bucket list this weekend as Stu and I went on a fun double date (kidless) with our friends Matt and Rachael to the Mannheim Steamroller Christmas concert! It was fun! 🙂 I told Stu at one point, it’s just a bunch of music nerds trying to be hip. 😉 Hee hee! Had a great time! We also spent about 3 hours at The Melting Pot. And yes, we DO fondue! 😉 All three kids are in the bathtub having a grand old time. That usually means that the entire room from floors to ceiling will be wet by the time they are done. *sigh* I have a deep down feeling that I should somehow intervene, but I’m enjoying having them contained and away from my person for a few minutes too much to do it. (That would be a doozy of a sentence to diagram, and no, I’m not gonna try it!) My MIL brought over another old-fashioned quilt for me to use! Guess all the whining payed off. Ha! 😉 I’m excited about having it on my bed tonight though cause it is chiiiiiiily! I had a good chiropractic adjustment on Friday! LONG overdue! It seemed to have helped my neck but unfortunately the dizzies that have been pestering me are still around. Grrrr!! I’m trying to figure out what it is that aggravates it and I’m starting to think it’s the wood smoke that irritates my allergies and causes congestion and inner-ear issues and subsequently dizziness. At least that’s my “theory” for now. 🙂 I’m going to start taking allergy pills again for a bit and try to be more consistent on the ACV. Hopefully it’ll help, cause I don’t like this feeling. Plus, I think I’ve had a “ghost” migraine that hasn’t been helping. That’s what I call it when I’m experiencing migraine symptoms without the excruciating headaches that go with. Sometimes there’s a mild headache, but I still get the aura, nausea or dizziness without the extreme... read more

Willy Nilly

This morning at breakfast the kids invented a character called “Tank” and kept asking me if Tank was a cartoon or pretend or something. I kept insisting that I did not know Tank, had never seen Tank and had no idea if Tank was a cartoon or a show or whatever. Weird! Then Myles said that Tank was so strong he could lift a house! Ella piped up “Me too!” which she often says whenever anyone can do anything. Myles answered, “You can’t lift a house, you’re a girl! Girls aren’t strong enough to lift a house. Girls are squishy!” 😉 Now to fully understand that statement which really made me laugh, you have to realize that Qade and Myles are really into “muscles” these days. They like to make muscles and feel muscles. They have tested out Daddy’s muscles, Mommy’s muscles, and Grandma Noggle’s muscles, and have come to the conclusion that girl’s muscles are “squishy.” 😀 And compared to Myles they really are! That boy is as tight as can be, but hey, we can’t all be like a stretched rubber band! Ha! Anyway, maybe sometime my muscles won’t be quite so squishy. Today is my birthday! Yippee! We won’t really be celebrating till tomorrow because of responsibilities that Stu has at school today. Though ya know, after awhile the “celebrations” are much calmer events. The kids are always up for a birthday though! I had to ask my mom how old I was going to be this time around. I know, I know, I’m still too young to be THAT far gone mentally. (I hope) You have to remember though that I now have 5 other birthdays that I have to keep track of, plus Stu’s so it’s a lot of numbers to remember! Every time I take one of the kids to the doc or make an apt over the phone I have to scramble to remember their birth dates! At least with the twins it’s the same. Of course the doctor’s office had one of them wrong, so it didn’t help anyway! All of that to say that I’m 35 today! Half way done with the 30’s! Kinda weird to think about that way. I’ve never been very “age phobic” so I don’t care that I’m on the downswing to 40. I just hope that at some point I can get enough sleep to remember some of this decade. 😉 It’s been kind of... read more


Today was the first day of school, bah-humbug! I’m still a little bitter that summer is over, but oh well! Apparently those of us who wan’t school to start AFTER Labor Day are in the minority. But homeschool takes care of that, ha! Anyway, if you want to read my thoughts on our first day you can look at my post on my “musings” blog. HERE’s the link just to make it easy on you. 😉 Henny Penny, our one Golden Girl who has been laying eggs has managed to produce one a day for the past 4 days! She’s totally into it! 😉 I’m proud of her, and it’s fun to go down to the coop and see that lil brown beauty just waiting for me there! Ha ha! I’m looking forward to the others catching up. You’d think they’d all kinda be on the same… “schedule?” At least the ones that are the same breed. I know that there could have been a day or so discrepancy in their ages when we got them as chicks, but they were basically the same size. Oh well. I suppose some are early and some are late bloomers just like anything. But I bought a carton of eggs while shopping this week and couldn’t help but think how nice it will be to NOT have to do that! Soon, I hope! I forgot to mention that the twins are both hovering on and around the 50% for their age size/weight wise. So that’s pretty good, I’d say, for having such an early start! I’m transitioning the twins to a 3.5 hr-ish routine now. I think that eating every 3 hours during the day is too much for them. They’re taking between 3-4oz a feed now and I feel like I really have to coax them to take it, like they aren’t “that” hungry when it comes time for a meal. So I’m going to start spacing them out and hope to hit closer to the 4 hour routine around when they are 4 months old. That’ll make it a bit easier to fit everything else in around their routine when it’s stretched out a bit more. Still waiting for that magic moment. 🙂 It’s coming, I know it!! On a completely different topic, I have no idea what to do for dinner tonight! Hmmmmm… The kids all got little dry erase boards as part of their first day of school... read more

Waz Happnin’

I had probably 50% of this post “written” in my head, but alak now that I sit down at the computer it hath all deserted me. Oy! This mommy brain thing is getting REALLY bad this time around. I experienced brain fog with all of my pregnancies, and I think it compounds each time too. I’ll be lucky if I come out of this with twins AND a brain! 😉 Anyway… We’re working on surviving Monday here. Qade fussed, threw fits, created holes in his papers and otherwise comported himself through school today. *sigh* Somehow we got through all of that and he is now happily running around outside with Myles. Speaking of Myles, the only time he threw a fit today was when I told him he had to wait a bit before doing his school. Oh well, it’s all good now. I have tackled the laundry! It’s kind of a Monday tradition right? I’d like to change laundry days to Tus/Thurs but I don’t think it would work out. Somehow between my attempts to make sure EVERYONE has clean clothes packed into their drawers on Friday, by Monday there is absolutely nothing to wear. My brain cannot compute the why’s and wherefore’s of this conundrum, but I promise you it happens! 😉 I got as far as washing/drying 3 loads today…. and that might be where it ends. Ha ha ha! I have such a hard time folding clothes, arg!! I just need to put on an old Downton Abbey episode and do it! (BTW I have NOT seen any of season 3 yet, but have heard plenty of moanings and groanings about it. Please don’t tell me anything that happens. Thanks!) I bought a product called “Lemi Shine” to add to my dishwasher to try and combat the icky hard water residue. I seriously think we need to consider a water softening system for this well. The water tastes amazing, but it is SO hard! The dishes come out clean but not lookin’ so clean, ya know? And I don’t need to rehash the toll that the hard water takes on my skin and hair. But anyway, this “stuff” is supposed to help keep your dishes from getting that grimy stuff on them. I hope it works. After the first go round, I’m not too impressed, but maybe it takes a couple of washes to really work. (??) Saturday I had two photo sessions. I knew... read more

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