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I thought perhaps you might be going through some lad withdrawal since I haven’t posted pics of them really recently. No worries. I’m here to take care of the problem. A few things that have been cute with the boys recently. This morning they were watching some Donald Duck episodes and there was one with the nephews in it. Qade said, “I love the little Donald Duckses!” Ha! No, he’s not really a Rez kid! I told him their names, and he kept repeating to himself, “Hewy, Dewy and Louie.” Funny! “Love” has become a big thing for Qade. He thinks if he doesn’t “love” something then it just shouldn’t be. I frequently hear things like, “But I don’t love spaghetti!” or when he’s in trouble “I don’t love time out!” Somehow that seems to be his rationale for why he shouldn’t have to eat something or get a time out. Ha ha! I also hear it the other way too, “I LOVE these hotdogs!” or “I love to watch this show!” He’s a hoot! Myles is a bit too much of the explorer these days. Their stomping ground around the house has gradually been expanding, but for Myles it must still feel to small. I check on them frequently when they’re playing outdoors because we don’t actually have a fenced in yard. Well, several times now I’ve had to walk down our drive (which is more like a road) to the cattle guard to find Myles sitting there on his “bike.” He just takes himself on little field trips and is totally fine with being by himself. Qade’s not much of a babysitter either, so I really have to keep on top of this lil dude. Myles’ classic response to things right now is sure. Only it sounds more like “sho.” It’s so cute. “Myles will you put this cup on the table?” “Sho!” And it’s always got a very decided and important tone to it. Makes me smile every time even though he should be saying, “yes ma’am.” 😉 His potty train hasn’t really left the station. 😉 It’s because the engineer (me) isn’t to excited to get it rolling. But he is doing well when I tell him to go potty. He makes sure something happens every time he goes in there. He’s in pull-ups now so it’s pretty easy for him to take himself potty, and really, he’d rather “do it myself!” anyway. 🙂 And... read more


My oldest child is ALL ears, and he uses them! 🙂 Now that he’s so much more verbal he pays attention to things that people are saying around him even if they aren’t talking TO him. When I’m recounting some of his antics to my mom over the phone or even telling Stuart over dinner something that he did, he really perks up. He will often follow up with, “Why I did….?” whatever it was. All the while with this pleased little grin on his face especially if it was something funny. He’ll also ask, “Why are you laughing, Mama?” If I chuckle at anything he did. Qade often brings things up days, weeks, or even months later surprising me with his memory and recall. Yesterday I asked him to turn the light off in his room and he replied, “Because we have to pay money for it.” Which made me laugh! One time several weeks ago I asked him to turn off a light and when he asked why, I told him that it uses electricity and we have to pay for it, and when we don’t need the light on it’s wasting money. Ha ha! Sometimes I go into those technical kinds of answers hoping to head off any further “why” questions. BUT apparently he was indeed listening! 🙂 We also had a conversation about camp yesterday and Qade was telling me that he “renimbered” playing with Benjamin at camp. Then he said, “Baby Ella was still in your tummy at camp.” Wow! I guess I just don’t expect those kinds of things from a 3 yr old. I’m surprised that he can “renimber” that Ella was in my tummy and before that, though I shouldn’t be. That kid’s got a fantastic memory! Myles little conversations keep me humored as well. He came up with this thing that he thinks is SO hilarious, and I admit it is pretty funny! When I’m changing his diaper, after the old one has come off and whatever cleaning needs to be done is finished, he’ll squeeze his legs together SO tightly and say, “No space, Mama! No space down-ere” and he’ll laugh and laugh. Then I have to tickle him to get him to relax enough that I can get the NEW diaper on. Ha ha! This morning I asked Myles to go find his cup in his room so I could fill it with milk for breakfast. This is... read more

Imagination gone amuck

My little lads, especially Qade, have vivid imaginations. Myles has yet to completely develop his on his own, he’s only 2 after all, but he gets caught up in Qade’s imaginings quite a bit and adds to the fun in any way that he can. Recently one of their favoirite things to play is “building” a house or even a gas station once. 😉 What this usually entails is finding some piece of suitable furniture and draping it with blankets and stashing it full of toys or animals or pillows as the case may be. I don’t usually find it to be too disturbing since it’s generally the game of choice while they are in their room in the morning before I’ve managed to get them “out.” I typically will walk into a room that has the rocker tipped forward, because the back makes an excellent roof! And blankets and animals everywhere! The gas station one was a little more difficult for me because they chose to build it on the recumbent bike and fill it with all their little random toys that usually live in the cabinet in the kitchen. Still, that was tame compared to what happened here just 2 days ago! We’ve been fighting off colds more or less successfully in our house this week. So while Stu was out for the count I was manning the ship solo and that takes a lot out of mommies. Anyway, by Friday night I was tired of taking care of people, and problems and issues, and I was also trying to get some Christmas projects finished. Too much on my plate at the moment, I should have just chilled, but I didn’t. And I really didn’t want little people hanging all over me. It had ben one of those days. SO, when I finally tuned in enough to realize that the lads where happily running back and forth between the living room and their bed room with fist-fulls of toys, I simply sighed and decided that it was worth it for the few moments of peace. This was what I bought those moments with. This time the lads weren’t just building a house… Actually I have no idea what the object of the game was other than to randomly toss their treasures all over the room. It was contained to their room though, so I just let it go for the time being. Believe it or not I... read more

Big Brothers

The day we had Ella I called home to tell our parents and the boys. When I talked to Qade on the phone I told him that his baby sister was here and her name. He asked if his baby sister was “bigger” because I’d been telling him all along that when she got big enough she’d come out and we could take her home with us. 🙂 He says her name Ewla. Myles does a better job with the name actually saying a very clear Ella, it’s cute! The next day Stu, Mom and Dad brought the boys to meet their baby sister. I was waiting for them all morning, but was still surprised when I heard Qade in the hall. The door burst open and he sprang in with all the energy a 3 and a half year old can muster. Instead of running to ME and giving ME a big hug, the words that came out of his very excited mouth were, “MOMMY, where’s my baby sister!” Ha ha ha! He couldn’t see into the bassinet from the floor so he quickly scrambled up on the bed to see this new baby! Myles followed suit though at a slightly more sedate pace. He gets caught up in Qade’s excitement, but at that point I still don’t think he really understood what it was all about. The boys promptly fell in love with their new baby sister. Once we got her home they both clamored to be as near her as possible. They want to touch her and kiss her, and hold her. Qade insisted one time that he could “give her to me” when she was in her swing. Believe me, I nixed that one right away!! One evening before Qade went to bed he was standing at my elbow as I rocked Ella. He put his cheek against her soft little head and rubbed one cheek against it then turned his head and rubbed the other cheek on her head! Baby heads really are too irresistible! 🙂 Myles is constantly identifying things in the house that are “baby sisser’s.” Qade frequently asks where she is, if she’s not in plain sight. I’m thrilled with both of their reactions to our newest little one! I was mostly concerned with Myles when I thought about bringing a baby home. Qade, I figured would do fine since he is used to having a younger sibling already. However, I’ve... read more

Brothers will be…

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