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Afternoon Activities

So I’ve decided that this summer I will do ONE special project or activity with the kids a week. I know, I know, one doesn’t sound like much, but for me this is progress. I am not a “crafty mom” and it just stresses me out to create disastrous messes that I’m going to have to spend time mopping, wiping, sweeping and scrubbing afterwards. I just can’t cope with it. Yeah, I know that qualifies me for “bad mom of the year” but sometimes we have to preserve our sanity over nourishing kids destructive creative side. 🙂 Anyway, I have found a few “projects” on Pinterest that I think can encourage their creativity and preserve my sanity all at the same time!! Goldmine!!! 😉 So I’m choosing one a week to do for now. I may supplement others like outdoor finger-painting and such. Outdoors is the best place for anything that can create a mess. 😉 The other day it was kinda windy outside and I decided to try one of our projects. It was a success!! I got some disposable pie pans and some dollar store 6 cup muffin tins. A little vinegar, food coloring and baking soda and voila! a fun, bubbly activity! Here’s where Qade noticed that the droppers were “medicine droppers.” 🙂 Oh the concentration! They had a great time, and it kept them quietly occupied for quite some time. While there certainly is the potential of mess with this, they were surprisingly careful with the droppers and kept things where they needed to be. Bubbly, fizzy, colorful, and a little smelly fun fun fun!... read more

Ah Springtime…

My “young lads'” fancies haven’t yet turned to thoughts of love in the springtime, BUT they do turn to staying cool. 😉 I was kinda hoping that the habit of last summer wouldn’t have survived the winter, but alak, no. See, what happens when it’s time to go play outside they start by waving their arms out the door to see if they need a jacket. Then they loudly declare that, “I don’t need a jacket, it’s warm outside!” and away they go like a shot. A little later I’ll look outside and this is what I see. They manage to loose their shirts FREQUENTLY because they might be just anywhere outside when it suddenly occurs to them that they are ‘hot’ and must, of course, take off their shirts. So we find them in various places buried in the sand, under the junipers, in the ditch. *sigh* Not only that, but they usually take off their shoes somewhere along the way as well. And this is a habit that I will have to nip, because while they have plenty of shirts if we can’t find the “original” one, they do NOT have a plethora of shoes. I have spent quite a bit of time lately hunting all of outdoors for someone’s shoos that they insist are “lost.” Funny how they can never remember where they took them off. I thought that changing out their long sleeved/heavier clothes for shorts and T’s would help with the stripping…. but they still tend to leave their shirts and shoes everywhere. Ha! I ordered them some new Crocs sandals for the summer. FedEx is just taking their dear sweet time getting them here. Hopefully they will be more inclined to keep them on their feet. I’ve already had to dig splinters out of a foot or toe on both of them. This climate isn’t conducive to little bare feetses. 😉 HOWEVER, even though they still often lose the shirts, at least when they are wearing shorts, they keep those on. Ha ha! These photos are tame compared to what I saw the other day when I glanced out the window and they were both playing in the sand in nothing but unders. 😉 Such funny boys! Ha ha! They keep me... read more

One Drippy Day

One day even though it was wet and ickyish outside, the boys NEEDED to go out! 🙂 They chose for their amusement to pull out their camp chairs and watch the gutter drip! Ha! This totally cracked me up, and of course I had to take some photos. Funny funny... read more

Decorating Fun

The boys spent part of a day with their good friend “Miss Karen” who has bailed me out on several occasions when I needed someone to watch the kids. She’s SO great with children, and the boys go wild with excitement every time they get to go to her house! On this occasion, she had some cupcake decorating supplies on hand and I’m sure you can imagine the excitement that went into this artwork of theirs! 🙂 They enjoyed eating it as... read more

Fun in a box

This is the box that Ella’s car seat came in. Yes, they are in there. It’s just the perfect size for 2 rather rambunctious monkeys. They thrashed about in it in the house for a little while, and then Mommy had a stroke of brilliance and tossed it, and them out into the yard. 😉 Kidding… they walked out. 😉 But they ended up having so much fun in their box on the grass that I had to go join them. Not in the box. Not on the grass either. But I sat in a lawn chair and snapped some fun pictures of them just being lads. These grins are irresistible, but you just know that lurking behind them are boys full of boyness. 🙂 Here’s how these box things work… First you rock forward, then you rock back, rock forward again… then back again…. …. and forward again. Till you’re all worn out and then you crash in a heap in the bottom of the box. Got it?... read more

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