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Friend Ship

This week for Shutter Love Tuesdays the theme is “Friendship.” I had SEVERAL photos that I really wanted to use, but finally just picked this one! This was during our second summer at camp and Qade was just 13 months old. One day Wally came over to play with us in the yard, and they had quite the time together. Wally is all ears and long legs, big feet and tail. He had to be one of the gangliest dogs I’ve ever known, but he was amazingly gentle with our little one! I was shocked at the difference in him. This shot of touching noses, just speaks friendship to me. Hope ya like it! 🙂 You can see other friendship photos and vote for your fav by clicking on the button at the bottom.... read more

Mother Love

Today at Shutter Love Tuesdays the theme is Mommies! Of course!! It would HAVE to be. 🙂 I thought of this picture right away. I love the way it turned out, and I LOVE the fact that its my littlest love’s tiny feet in my hand! They grow so fast that it’s hard to remember just how tiny they ever were. *sigh* Anyway, here’s my entry for this week. You can click on the button at the bottom if you’d like to vote for my pic, or any of the other pics, and see what other people’s “mom” pictures look... read more


Today is “Shutter Love Tuesday” again. Amazing how fast a week can go! This weeks theme is children. I have to say that I thought of this photo the second I saw the theme. Simply because this is the reality of children and cameras! Ha! We took probably 15 or more shots with 2 cameras trying to get a decent shot with the grandparents and cousins. Well… most of them looked like this with one or more of the lads screaming their heads off. Maybe it was too close to bed time to attempt a nice portrait, but it made for a good memory anyway. I crack up every time I look at this picture. 😀 So here it is, my “Reality of Children” entry. Ha ha ha!! Once again, you are welcome to vote for the shutter love pic that you like best. Just click the button below and leave your vote in the comments. Happy... read more

Smallest Ocean

A friend of mine linked to this blog on HER blog, and it’s a photo sharing blog/contest. None of these “contests” win anything but the accolade of being “picked.” Which hasn’t happened yet, but I keep hoping!! Besides it’s lots of fun and I get inspiration by looking at other’s photos. The theme for this particular Tuesday is “water.” It’s not something we see here in AZ too much actually! But I thought the droplets that I shot captured perfectly in the little leaves after rain was pretty cool! We might not have vast ocean front property, or deep delving lakes, but Arizona gets it’s water in little droplets and is thankful for each one! 🙂 You can VOTE for my photo or any of the other photos on the site that strike your fancy if you click on the button at the bottom. Happy Tuesday! This is a blog hop… don’t really know what that means exactly except that it links together all us photo linkers….. or something. 🙂 You can link to it to if you’d like to enter a “water” themed... read more

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