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Fall is the theme for Shutter Love Tuesday. I had to go back through the zillions of photos I’ve taken over the past few Falls to find one I liked enough to post. Unfortunately where we are living now there aren’t as many “zing” type of Autumn colors. And I have to say that even our cottonwood trees were a dud this time around. BUT I found this “old” picture that had a little of the Fall “pow” to it that I love! 🙂 Someday I’ll make it to New England in the Fall. I’d love that! October has been my favorite month ever since I was in Elementary school! Walking around in the Colorado mountains crunching the fallen leaves was so much fun! 🙂 Raking them into piles and then jumping in and throwing them all over were great memories too! Hope you’re having a fabulous fall! You can see more of the photos and vote for your fave by clicking the button on the... read more


This week’s shutter love Tuesday is outtakes. 🙂 Sorry to traumatize y’all with this photo again. I know I’ve published it before for something, but it totally cracks me up!! I was trying to get a picture of the brothers when Myles had this major spit-up right as I snapped the photo! Talk about outtakes! Yucky! At least he looks happy behind all of that! Ha ha ha!! You can vote for my pic or add one of your own by clicking the button below. 🙂 Happy... read more

Laughin’ and a-swangin’

This week’s Shutter Love theme is laughter! How can you narrow down all the great laughing babies/kids pictures for that??? I decided to go with this one, just cause it’s one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, and I just love this kid’s glee in getting to “swing.” 🙂 You can look at other laughing photos by clicking on the button below. Happy... read more

Father Love

On Shutter Love Tuesday the theme is Father love. There are some pretty special pictures on it. This is the one I have chosen. One of my faves of all times. Stu with Myles tiny little hand! Have a great week, and click the button on the bottom to see more pics about Father... read more

Tis Tuesday

And you know what that means!! Shutter Love!! Ha ha ha! This week’s theme is “nature” and of course I have a ZILLION photos that I could possibly use. I chose this one though because I just love the perspective. Besides it makes me think of lazy summer days lying on cool grass and listening to the leaves rustle. 🙂 You can vote and check out more al-natural photos if you like by clicking on the button below.... read more

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