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Wisdom of the Age

We have a sage in our house. He is 5.5 years old and would like spiderman on his 6 year birthday cake. A thing that he reminds me every week or so just to make sure I don’t forget. 😉 Can you guess who this person might be? It’s… Qade! He certainly thinks that he has a good grasp on the reality of most situations and doesn’t mind enlightening any of the rest of us should we need it. 😉 Since starting Kindergarten Qade has been learning SO many things. He helps his brother and sister count to 20 when they play “hide and scare” with Daddy. He can sound out lots of words, and is doing simple math problems too. However, he still isn’t always convinced that school is the best use of his time. Recently he has been much better, but previously he would tell me every day how much he didn’t like school. During one of his soliloqies on the not likableness of school, Myles, who was working on his own “school” piped up that he did like school. Qade trotted over, glanced at the page Myles was working on, and said wisely, “When you get in Kindergarten, you won’t like school.” And that was that. Ella, as you may recall from a recent post, likes to be the boss of most situations. One day while they were at lunch talking amongst themselves (I love to eavesdrop on those conversations!) Myles said to Qade, “Ella thinks she knows everything.” Qade looked over at his little sister and said, “Ella, you don’t know everything… yet.” Ha ha ha ha!! Glad he added that little clarifier. 😉 Another time, he told me, “Ella already thinks she’s four!” Poor Qade as the eldest child really has issues with a younger sibling trying to be tops. Guess I can understand that.... read more

The Future

Conversation with Qade today on the way to church. Qade: I’m going to have 5 kids! (from previous conversation he wants 3 boys and 2 girls, he’s got this worked out. Ha ha!) Myles isn’t going to live in my house. Me: Who is going to live in your house? Qade: My wife, when I find one, and my kids. Me: Can I stay at your house sometimes? Qade: Yeah, you can come to my house. It’s going to be on the Red Hill, so it won’t be far away from your house. Me: Oh, you’re going to live on the Red Hill? (This is a hill on the same property just down the dirt road) Qade: Yep, and I will build a yard for my kids. My yard is going to have a wooden fence, and the kids can play in the yard. Seems like he’s got it all worked out.... read more

Qade’s Portraits

Seems I’m late(r) with these every year. *sigh* Oh well, I can always try to turn over a new leaf this year. 😉 I just had the startling realization that De Bella needs her 2 yr old photos done, and it a week and a half Myles will be turning 4! Unreal how time flies! Anyway, as I mentioned before when I posted one of Qade’s photos, this session with the balloons was a nightmare! So I didn’t get as much variety as I wanted. There was some, but if you’ll remember, Qade had just recently woke from his nap, and so a lot of the snaps I did get weren’t the best of expressions. No big deal. I always over shoot, so I’m happy with the few I chose. Here’s a sampling. I’ve been on a “moody” black and white kick lately. 😉 Toothless Proud of his writing skilz. 😉 How can this lad be 5 already?? I did an interview with Qade shortly after his 5th birthday because I knew I wanted to incorporate his answers into his portrait somehow. These answers were his verbatim. 🙂 Funny thing though, his favorite color has been green (of course) for so long, but on the day of his shoot (which was obviously some time after his actual birthday) I asked him his favorite color again trying to get a smile. He paused for a moment and said, “I think orange.” And orange it has been since. 😉 p.s. if you can’t read the text, click on the photo for a larger version.... read more

Summer Shoot(s)

Better late than never, right? Ha! I have had these photos for awhile, but I was so frustrated with what I got originally that I didn’t even want to edit them or post them. Still, these ARE our monkeys, and after awhile just letting them sit there I decided that I do actually like them! Who knew? 😉 Anyway, I took these early on in the summer, and here they are just now crossing your screen. I’ll do one post for each monkey cause I couldn’t decide which ones to narrow it down to. Here’s Qade’s. You can tell it’s old because he still has both front teeth! 😉 He’s such a handsome lad! The boys were monkeying around on one of the fallen trees while I was trying to get photos of Ella, so we had to get a shot of them together. Do you think they look like twins? I get asked that from time to time.... read more


Well, it happened. July 12, 2012 Qade lost his first tooth. It’s premature so who knows when he’ll get a “big” tooth that he’s so interested in. Ha ha! But I confess that toothless kids are so stinkin’ cute! One of his first questions when the tooth came out was, “Can I get my 5 yr old pictures done now?” So I guess now I really do have to get on the ball. 😉 I didn’t remember telling him that I wanted his tooth out first, but apparently I did, and he remembered it well. His tooth was very loose, and he “chompped” it at breakfast that day and it started to bleed. He told me that he hurt his loose tooth, and I figured it was just barely hanging in there. Sure enough when he brought me some tissue it took a teeny little yank and out it came. 🙂 He didn’t even know it had happened till it was over…. just like it should be. 😉 He has been pretty thrilled with his new toothless face! I find him from time to time admiring his gap in the bathroom mirror. 😉 5 yr old photos will soon follow, but for now these will... read more

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