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A few more

Sorry, I just had to put up a few more of the photos Alli got for us. 🙂 I was going through them today trying to decide which ones to print. I’ll have to come back to that, because I just can’t make up my mind! 🙂 In the mean time you can enjoy a few more shots. At least I hope you enjoy them. 😉 Everyone assumes that everyone else is JUST as enamored with their family as they are… it’s a nice thought, ha! Dad and Lads (I actually took this one. 🙂 They were posing for camera settings, ha!) De Bella Qade-man. I just can’t believe how big this boy is getting. *sniff* Ma-ma and Ella... read more

Our Family

Here’s a few of the shots we got yesterday. Like I said, I have given up, for the present, getting all the kids looking the same direction. But regardless of eyes these are some good shots, and they capture our family pretty well! Thanks so much Alli for your help! You all should check out her blog sometime. She’s a great photo-snapper, and her post are fantastic and uplifting! Here is we! Fun! Hands on eyes and in mouth, but I love it anyway. 🙂 Looks like all 3 of them are at least “saying” the same thing. 😉 One of my favoritest! Awwwww…. Extra fun!... read more

Adventures of a Family Portrait Session

It’s good for me to be on the other side of the camera. For one thing it helps me relate to what my clients are going through in part. It can’t be quite the same because, as I’ve said before and probably will again, it’s different trying to direct your own kids to “pose” even in a “non posing” way that will work for portraits. Even though we had camera help from our good friend Alli, I was still the one “setting up” the session, so that proved difficult. I can understand a bit more the parent frustration when you have an idea in your mind for a beautiful family photo and your kids are running around like big-foot. Yep. We got to the location, and it was a touch darker than I would have liked because of some heavy cloud cover. But oh well, can’t chase the clouds away. So there was an open field with beautiful sunflowers that worked swell, yay! The boys, I think, never stopped talking for one moment of this session, and believe me we hurried! After the first few attempts at photos in which we couldn’t get the kids to look the same direction at once, of course why should I expect it? Ha! Qade promptly sliced his finger while trying to pick a flower, poor guy. Those flowers may be pretty, but they don’t like being picked! SO of course he was dramatic for awhile after. Since everyone was “done” with the sitting on the ground idea, we tried a standing up pose. But Myles refused to hold Qade’s hand until Daddy said, “Okay guys let’s pray.” Then he did, but his face looked like THIS! So we walked a bit farther into the field to get some of the mountain in the background. The lads decided that the grass was just way too difficult to walk through on their own. Qade amused himself while we struggled to get the others situated. Thought we’d try a “people pile” picture, I mean, how hard can that be? But it was starting to sprinkle just slightly so we got lots of hands over eyes, and in mouth pictures from this set. Then we decided to give the fence a try…. As you can see, it was an adventure. Yes, these particular shots make me feel stressed because I remember what it was like, but they make me laugh too. 🙂 And that’s part of... read more

Qade’s Portraits

I know I’m way behind on the Lad’s 4 yr old portraits, but it’s about as behind as I was last year, so they’re still a year apart! 🙂 Ha! We had a fun little photo session yesterday and he was thrilled to have a picture with “the big four.” I saw a shot online that someone did with a child surrounded with matchbox cars and I just KNEW I had to do it with Qade since he is SUCH a car man! I think it’s my favorite of the session though I really like the “grumpy” cowboy and the dandelion as well! 🙂 Enjoy! The big FOUR! 🙂 Love this! One... read more

Ella at 10 months

Well this was my first attempt at Ella’s 10 month portraits, and due to the fact that she wasn’t very cooperative OR smiley, I was going to give it a go again, but after editing some of these decided to stick with them! 😉 Ain’t I fickle! I just decided after looking over them for some time, I decided that they are BEAUTIFUL and even if she wasn’t all smiles, it captures her curious and serious sides very well. 🙂 I went with kind of a “vintage” look on these, they fit the mood… or my mood which ever. 😀 Might just be my fave! Here’s a cheesy little smile! Gotta love those lil teefers! Ever wonder what in the world is going through their mind? Love this shot! In color and like this! One more smile I caught. She’s my... read more

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