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An Outside Day

It’s been so warm here this winter! No complaints from my side, that’s for sure! I’d ever so much rather have it warm than freezing! Yep, I’m a wimp! But warm or cold, the kids always benefit from some outside playing time. And I always feel better about sending them outside when it’s warmer. Ella, however, can’t go out alone or even surprisingly with the supervision of her big brothers. Ha ha! So it has to really be warm before she gets to go out, because this Mama doesn’t like to be cold. Have I mentioned that? This photo of the car’s eyes and Ella’s eyes, cracks me up! So lucky for her on this particular day, quite a few of them actually, it was warm enough for me to venture out with them. I love the static hair look she’s got going on! Ha ha ha! Myles and Qade were busy “decorating” their play-set with some old pieces of sidewalk chalk that they dug up somewhere. 🙂 Myles had this “Scooby” bandaid on his head for at least 3 days! Yes… it was a “serious” owie! 😉 I have no idea what she’s thinking. Maybe it’s, “Take me inside where it’s warm by the fire, Mommy.” Hmmm?? Qade will not interrupt his talking to take a photo. Nope! Especially when he is explaining something very important or serious. Ella was having a hard time on her ‘sea legs’ trying to get up this little slope of dirt. She’d fall down then stand up, dust off her hands, try again and fall. Eventually I think she gave up and walked around the other... read more

Split Personality

So here’s the deal. I’ve been trying to strengthen my online presence with regard to my Photography Biz. So I’ve been posting more frequently on my CDO Studios facebook page with some “interactive” type status messages. The idea is to get people to respond…. so if you see those, do my ego a favor and hit “comment” and reply! 🙂 At least then I won’t feel like I’m totally wasting my time, ha ha! I’m also posting more often to our business blog. *GASP* You mean you didn’t know I had a business blog??? Oh, but I do. 😉 It’s at, and I’m officially inviting all of you to come on over there and see what I’m up to. 🙂 I do try to keep it in the general topic of photo shoots and photography, but I try to infuse a touch of my quirky humor in and some personal bits now and then. 🙂 Eventually I’ll post “events” and “specials” as well, but we haven’t quite made it that far in our marketing just yet. 🙂 I don’t post every day, though I try to do a new post every Monday, and it’s my goal to have 2 blog posts a week up there for now. So if you need a diversion, or one more thing to read online, here you go! Your welcome! 🙂 P.S. You’ll have to scroll down the page just a skooch to see the “From the Blog” section.... read more

Star light Star bright

I saw a blog post via Pinterest that had a tutorial on using holiday lights for backdrops and such. And it looked SO magical, that I just had to try it. So I ferreted out the ONLY white lights on white wire that I could find at our oh-so-amazing Wal-Mart. This only after looking at Walgreens AND the Dollar Tree. Oh, and don’t worry, this was before I officially swore off our local WM. 😉 Anyway, I finally got enough lights, though I quickly realized that the “icicle” lights were NOT going to work like I envisioned them, but live and learn and try something else. Eventually I got it set up the way I wanted. Though in my rather tight studio space this was a little challenging. I knew I wanted to use the “natural” light from the windows, but I had to have quite a bit of space between the backdrop lights and my little munchkins. SO it took a bit of tweaking and a lot of test shots with one of the kid’s toys, but eventually I got it the way I wanted, and here’s my results. 🙂 I just had to throw in that last one of Myles. I know he was just staring at the light that I was using, but it’s just such a sweet shot, and looks so Christmasy. At least I think so.... read more

Ella’s 1 yr Cake Smash

This is kind of a quick post. I’m going to keep words to a minimum because I simply could NOT choose my very favoritest photos of this darling little one yr old, so there will be a lot to look at. 🙂 I just want to say that she and I had SOOOO much fun doing this. It’s my favorite photo shoot to date! Maybe because I was a little more relaxed about what I wanted to “get” and maybe because she’s gotten used to “hamin’ it up for the camera. Either way, it was so fun, and I got the biggest kick out of her reaction to the tutu and the bites of cake that I fed her. No, she still won’t put things that don’t line up in her mind with “food” in her mouth. She’s finally chomping on the biter biscuits, but baby puffs? Forget about it! Ha! Anyway, here’s my sweetie Ella de Bella in her 1 yr old portraits! Started w/ polka dots so that she could have a picture that “matched” the boys. 🙂 I love these! She totally wrestled that giant 1! Tossed it down then picked it back up, all while standing up on her own. Look at this face!! She did not know what to think of all this girlie tule! 😉 But then she cheered up. 🙂 She totally forgot about the tutu when I handed her the sprinkles! A favorite!! But then, they all are! Ha! Finally, cake time! 🙂 Okay, so I have no idea why these look a little funky on the blog. If you want to see the “real” photo just click on it and it will take you to the flickr page. I’m too lazy right now to figure it out. 🙂 Ha... read more

Fun in a box

This is the box that Ella’s car seat came in. Yes, they are in there. It’s just the perfect size for 2 rather rambunctious monkeys. They thrashed about in it in the house for a little while, and then Mommy had a stroke of brilliance and tossed it, and them out into the yard. 😉 Kidding… they walked out. 😉 But they ended up having so much fun in their box on the grass that I had to go join them. Not in the box. Not on the grass either. But I sat in a lawn chair and snapped some fun pictures of them just being lads. These grins are irresistible, but you just know that lurking behind them are boys full of boyness. 🙂 Here’s how these box things work… First you rock forward, then you rock back, rock forward again… then back again…. …. and forward again. Till you’re all worn out and then you crash in a heap in the bottom of the box. Got it?... read more

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