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Not Me Monday

So this morning adding to the great weight of a blasted headache that will not quit, was a great load of Mommy-guilt stemming from my severe lack of patience with my small fry over the weekend. Rather than dwell on that though, I’ve decided to “start fresh” since today is a day with no mistakes in it… yet! 🙂 Besides it’s good to look for the humor in everyday situations rather than dwell on the “bad” parts of it. 🙂 I did not give all four kids in my care a huge frozen “popsicle” of yogurt to drip all over their nice clothes one day just to be sure that if their hands and mouths were occupied, they wouldn’t be yelling and screaming for at least a little while. 🙂 Oh, but I DID make sure they were outside while enjoying the treat! I didn’t let my boys run around outside with no shoes just so they could climb UP the slide. And one said boys did not step on something pokey and get an owie right in the middle of his foot because he didn’t have shoes on. What mom would have her children shoeless in the desert??? Not me! I did NOT purposely keep my lads awake on Sunday so that they would take a nap when we finally got home AFTER 4pm! I then did not let them sleep till 6pm and then force them to wake up. After that I would never have been irritated with them for being major grumpy pants. And of course, I myself wouldn’t have been equally as grumpy from being extra tired that day as well. After the wacky day and even wackier sleep patterns I wouldn’t have insisted that they go to bed “on time” anyway. Never mind they’d only been up for an hour and a half or so. 🙂 Neither would I have been surprised that they were still awake 2 hours later since they had such a late nap. I would however be happy that though awake they were at least in their own respective beds. I did NOT just make sure things were okay in their room and hie myself to my own bed to “sleep off” a really bad headache. I didn’t get said headache by sitting in a too hot room for 3 hours during the “shower” the ladies at the church gave. I would not have tossed miserably all night long with... read more

Not me Poop edition

Did I already have one of these editions?? Can’t remember but it rings a bell somewhere. Probably one of those things I’ve been trying to block from my memory. 🙂 Yesterday, Easter, I did not intentionally keep my potty training lad in ‘unders’ while we went to church. Keep in mind it’s a 40 min drive to town. Imagine the mommy’s pride in her amazing child prodigy when he managed not only to stay dry the entire drive, but also through Children’s Church! This same child, however, did not wet his pants only moments from our own home. *sigh* Dispite the set back I did not just quickly change him into another pair of unders and fresh pants before we rushed over to Great-Grandpa’s 80th b-day party. I didn’t think (honestly) about the fact that this same potty training lad hadn’t had a BM in over a day. This child didn’t have such a good time running around with his cousins and Auntie and grandparents that he didn’t tell Mommy he needed to potty. Neither did he tell me when he did have an accident. Fun is just too much fun to stop for something like wet pants. I did not spot him walking around like a duck and figure out he had “peep” on his pants. 😉 Oh, and of course I didn’t check to make sure it was JUST “peep” either. I did not walk him down the long hall and across a big room looking for an available bathroom unknowingly spreading little “nuggets” that were working their way down his pant legs all over the house. Even when he looked down and said “Uh-oh, poop!” it did not occur to me that the little brown smashed thing on the carpet was actually doo-doo. It didn’t take me all the way till I was helping him out of his pants and a bunch of little “pebbles” went rolling all over the floor for me to actually understand what happened. It also didn’t take me so long to get things taken care of in the bathroom that by the time I came out to deal with the rest of the mess someone else had unknowingly picked up most of the pieces WITH THEIR BARE HANDS thinking it was candy that kids had dropped from the egg hunt. Oh dear! Gross! Our potty trainee hasn’t been drinking as much as “normal” because of his training regimen, but I think... read more

Not Me Monday

This week I did not leave my toddler in his jammies all day because I forgot to get him dressed before his little bro was occupying the room for a nap. Then after that I wouldn’t have figured it was too late to bother with a whole new outfit. We would not have gone for a family hike that afternoon and just slip his little jammied feet into his shoes and toss on a jacket. He wouldn’t then be traipsing about the bush with his little blue car flecked legs poking out. Oh no. I did NOT figure out that I have been cooking microwavable pot pies the wrong way till… now, because I didn’t read ALL the instructions on the back. Turns out they were missing nearly half the cooking time. Oops! Well, at least none of us ever got salmonella. 😉 Way to go Marrie Calanders! I didn’t, wouldn’t ever consider, not in a million years announce to my family, friends, and the world at large on my blog that we are expecting our third baby! Course not, Myles did it! 🙂 Happy week... read more

Not Moi Monday

Feeling a little French today. I’ve been watching Julie and Julia probably WAY too much because I even DREAM about the yummy looking bruschetta dish at the beginning of the movie. I’m SO going to make that sometime. But it’s a fun chick flick and I’m so happy that my loving hubby gave it too me for Christmas! Onward!! So what have I been not up to this week? Well, I did not allow my children to totally trash their room by dumping out EVERY toy container all over their floor. They also did not delve into other parts of the house where toys are kept and empty those toys into their fabulously tidy room as well. I then did not trick convince my helpful hubby to supervise the clean up with Monkey #1 while I gave Myles a bath. 😉 I’d never be that mean! I did not move our poor “cold stricken” baby into our room so I wouldn’t have to trip up and down the stairs multiple times a night, and cause my poor husband to “move out” to the couch so he could actually get some rest. I then would not have blissfully stretched out in our bed and enjoy the extra space totally guilt free. 😉 (I’m convinced we need a bigger bed… don’t know why, neither of us has “grown” but the bed just seems to be not big enough for good sleep any more) I did not put the empty box that Qade has claimed as his “car” in the garage to get it out of my way, only to fish it out again when Qade was frantically looking through the house for his “car.” Poor lad! Perhaps I should have stuck to my guns and told him the car was gone, but I just love his little imagination so much I couldn’t. Then while driving his “car” on the coffee table I did not neglect to make him stop and consequently he did not drive it right off the edge and crash. 😀 It wasn’t totaled though so all is well, and he hasn’t been driving on the table anymore. I did not put one lad down for a nap, leave the other lad watching a movie, and go take a shower. I would not have desperately needed to do this because I honestly could not remember the last shower I had…. I know, yuck. I then would not have come... read more

Not me Monday (Tuesday Edition)

Well, I didn’t have enough “pizzaz” yesterday to do a not me post, so today I’m playing catch up. This week we did not go away for some R&R and time with family and forget to turn the water off even though it’s be super-duper cold here recently. Therefore we didn’t get home to find an indoor pool in our laundry room from a TEENY WEENY hole that sprouted in a tube. Neither was I soooo thankful that my handy-dandy-mr-fix-it hubby of mine found the “issue” very shortly and fixed the problem so that we still had both water AND hot water. 🙂 Oh, and we did not leave our poor howling children stuck in their car seats after the long drive home so that we could clean out the lagoon without the help of little hands and feet. 😉 At 3am I did not “cave in” and give my almost 15 month old a cup of milk to help him go back to sleep. Ha! Isn’t it great to be not the first child? With Qade I didn’t want to “develop a habit” of waking up for milk so if he woke up in the night I’d work with him, rock him some, and give him water. Now, I just want to get back to sleep as soon as possible myself so it works out to Myles’ advantage. 😉 Although, to be honest he rarely wakes up, but has this dreadful cold that is keeping us all hostage. So I gave him some Tylenol and a cup of milk to “wash it down.” It worked too and we all slept like the dead for the rest of the night. 🙂 Another thing I have NOT been doing recently is giving my toddler a “fruit snack” that he can take to his new tent to eat so that Hubby and I can watch at least a little of a movie/show without being interrupted. 😉 Ha ha ha ha! So anyway, those are some things I’ve not been up to lately. Unfortunately something I am up to today is MASSIVE recovery. Ya know my new years resolution post? Well, I’ve yet to start those lofty goals (except for the PHOTO one) because we’ve been scampering about the country side. 🙂 But I think we’re finally done with that and ready to get back to a “post-holiday” routine. Because of that I have about a ton an a half of laundry... read more

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