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Not ME!

I did not download some really cute PDF picture “chore” cards for my lads and then somehow “lose” it in the depths of my computer. I also didn’t spend an hour looking through a bunch of random files trying to find it last night. Nope! Okay, I did! I confess! I’m trying to schedule the lad’s days, mornings specifically, to help channel some of that spastic energy of theirs. Great idea to have little cards with pictures of their chores on them. GREAT idea if I could find the silly things! *sigh* I did not forget to pack a lunch for my hubby last night before bed. 🙁 I also didn’t manage to get up early enough to do it for him this morning. 🙁 My hubby would NEVER have to go to work with no lunch. 🙁 But he did have a good breakfast! Guess I’d better plan something substantial for dinner! I did not go in to check on the lads before bed last night and find a sopping wet Myles. I would not have then just pulled off his jammies, put a new pull-up on him and just leave the wet bed till morning. Nopers! (I did change the sheets this morning though, so that counts for something, right? 🙂 ) I’ve got quite a bit of organizing to get done today, so I’d better stop reminiscing on the stuff I didn’t do. 😉 Toodles for... read more

Not Me Monday

I’ve got to get back into writing these… they’re just too fun. 😉 Sunday morning I packed up “spare” pants for both of the boys. Now that Myles is in pull-ups they don’t always hold as well as diapers. I did NOT neglect to pack an extra shirt though because it would NOT have NOT crossed my mind that if his pants got wet his shirt would too. I did NOT put him in a onsie either. Ha! Hey, he picked out his own shirt, I was just trying to hurry and get them dressed! I did NOT leave the lads unsupervised while they were eating their lunch today and come back into the room to find that Qade had blown/spit little bits of oreo all over Myles and the surrounding wall. Myles did NOT look slightly like a Dalmatian with little flecks of black all over his face, hair and WHITE shirt. Oh no. I also did not make my almost 4 yr old clean off the wall with a washcloth after lunch. When I was trying to “sell” some clients on a portrait session this week, I did NOT nearly choke on laughter because my wonderful hubby changed the baby, and I knew what kind of carnage he was dealing with! 😉 I would NEVER take advantage of any and all situations that get me out of changing a diaper, no way! There’s also NO WAY I’d bundle my monkeys up and send them outside in the blowing wind and sand to “play” so that I could have some peace and quiet inside. Nah! 😉 It wasn’t that cold! I did not send my hubby to work the last 2 work days with boiled eggs in his lunch because I’ve been to lazy busy to bake some bread for him. Nev-ah! 😉 Don’t worry, I made some today! I have not been avoiding doing a “weigh-in” post because I seriously don’t want to work out. Nope! Not... read more

Why me Monday!

Why me seems to fit this post better than the usual “not me” ha ha! Last night I tossed and turned trying to get to sleep. Why me? When I finally did doze off, I dreamed of holding robbers at gun-point and racing like crazy around the country side “sleuthing.” Why me? guess I should lay off the Agatha Christy before bed time at least! 😉 I was changing a “doozy” of a diaper on baby Ella and while I was working on the bottom end, I managed to get “eww” on a toy hanging on her play-mat. Gross! Why me? I finally got the lads outside to play after the drama of finding socks/shoes/jackets and hats for the whole 2 of them, only to hear Qade’s hysterics less than 20 min later. Why me?? The hysterics, I found, were due to the fact that his “special ball” was “lost” in the tailpipe of our Envoy. WHY MEEEEEEEEE?????? I started whispering…. I’ll address the reason why in a future post. (why me?) See, of all days for this ball to get lost in the tailpipe of our vehicle today was not it! We’re supposed to scoot to town as quick as we can after Stu gets off work to run some necessary errands. *why me?* It’s my responsibility to get the kids loaded, and take the trash to the dump before we are overwhelmed with dirty diapers. BUT that was all thrown out the window the moment that amazing little plastic ball disappeared into the tail pipe. Why, oh why me? I did the first thing that came to my mind, call Dad! Help, help, help, help, what in the world do I do???? Why me? At Dad’s suggestion I found, quite possibly, the last wire hanger in our house and unbent it. Just to give it a slightly greater chance of success, I wrapped the ‘hook’ part with packing tape, sticky side out. nothing. nope, just greasy tape. *sigh* why me? So to ease my troubled mind, and to get it off of my beloved curious son, THAT’S IT! NO MORE CURIOUS GEORGE FOR YOU GUYS!!!, I ranted to facebook land my woes. Whhhhhyyyyyyyyy meeeeeeee??? I had some sympathetic friends on facebook, one of which is my very own Aunt Dee Dee. Her advice was to suck the ball out with a vacuum hose! Wow, simply brilliant!!! And guess what? It worked!!!!! Yay me!! All of that stress... read more

Not Moi

On Sunday afternoon I did not let the lads run loose outside while I chilled indoors, away from the bugs, and spied on them through the window. Nah! I would not have at one point noticed that my youngest son was running around nude from the waist down. Rather than putting his ‘stuff’ back on I would NOT have thought to myself, “Well, at least he’s outside if he sprinkles!” Ha ha ha! I would not have noticed a strange squeaking noise a few minutes later and peer out the window thinking it was some strange bird. Then I would not have had a freaked out revelation that it was NOT a bird but a baby rodent of some kind that my oldest child was swinging around by the tail!!!!! I then did not totally freak out and start blathering incoherently to my Hubby who would NOT have been freaked out by the fact that all I could say was his and our son’s name and spin around in circles wringing my hands. (It’s good to know I can be so level headed in a crisis! Ha!) It would not have taken nearly 12 hours for me to figure out that I could have calmly told my child, through the window screen, to put down the mouse and move away. But no, that would have had far too little drama for our family! Quite honestly the fact that the mouse was ALIVE and squeaking was probably what grossed me out the most. And just to finish out the story, we dragged the lads inside scrubbed their hands with HOT soapy water and stripped them down, well that wasn’t much for Myles. Qade told us he found the mouse in the grass and sure enough Stu found another one that the cat had dragged out from somewhere. Ugh! We informed the boys that mice are YUCKY and not to touch them, and later, just to be safe, they had a soapy bubble bath to play in instead! 🙂 Oh, and uh…. I did NOT have a pet mouse named Jeremy when I was younger that my MOM set free because she couldn’t stand the smell. To this day she denies it! Had he stuck around maybe I wouldn’t be so freaked out of mice now. 😉 Ha ha ha!!!! Happy... read more

Not Me “Labor” Day edition

Last night I did NOT feed my children cereal for dinner, with apple sauce to salve my guilty conscience! I wouldn’t have been so tired from a LONG day in town that that particular dinner choice seemed not only reasonable, but life saving as well! The reason that we had such a LONG day in town would not have been because I sat in a hospital bed hooked up to baby monitors for nearly 2 hours. I would not have been in that hospital bed because I had my hubby drive me to the hospital just to “check” if things were progressing. I did not “wonder” if things were progressing because I had been having mild contractions all morning long through church. I do NOT have a phobia of my water breaking or something equally embarrassing happening in a public place like church or Wal-Mart!! That would put a damper on the worship service!! 😉 After the aforementioned 2 hours in said hospital bed I would not have been informed by the very kind nurse that I was most likely dehydrated and need to drink a BUNCH of water, and that this was NOT the real deal. 🙁 I wouldn’t have been somewhat disappointed that it was not the real deal because among other reasons, there was NO ONE else on the L&D floor, and in fact they had to track down that nurse from somewhere else in the hospital to come “monitor” me. And just FYI, really I’m not clueless about how the whole thing works, but each time it’s a different story. As one of the midwives told me I should probably head to the hospital when contractions were about 6 min apart since we do live a ways out. I figured since we were in town already I might as well stop by rather than risk going home and coming back. My parents are 3 hours away and they have to come watch the boys when it’s time for lil girl to show up because the lads aren’t allowed on the L&D part of the floor at all. SOOOOOOOOO…. just needed to make sure the main show wasn’t underway. *sigh* My poor lads and their poor dad wouldn’t have had to sit in the vehicle in the hospital parking lot while I was sifting through a baby magazine in a climate controlled room sipping ice water. (To rehydrate of course) We did NOT get home after... read more

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