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Curious George Has Nothing On Myles

Seriously, this little monkey man is too crazy for words. He was up in out Lilac bush the other day hollering for me to come take his picture. Now can you see why that poor bush has done so poorly? 😉 He and Qade have decided that this is the “monkey tree” and whenever they climb around on it, they are monkeys. I could have told them that a LONG time ago!! And they do look rather Tarzan-ish when they start peeling their clothes off. 🙂 At least on this particular day he still had his britches on. 😉 My boys resemble curious George in more ways than one, I confess. And it’s not always this cute! 😉 Even monkeys have a hard time getting OUT of trees sometimes! Ha ha! I have to say though, that Myles totally beats out George on the cuteness factor level. 😉 Gotta love my little monkeys!! P.S. I hacked that poor bush down to nubs now, so for the time it’s safe from monkeys… whether it will survive it’s pruning, time will tell.... read more

Sacked Out

I went in to Myle’s room after nap one day and found him sleeping like this! Of course I had to get a picture! He gets to read books during his nap time, but apparently this day he simply couldn’t make it through the “Six by Seuss” book, ha! I can almost imagine a snoring noise, can’t you?... read more

Prayer Request

Sometimes I feel like asking for prayer for “minor” things is asking much when there are so many ‘bigger’ requests in the lives of people everywhere. But I know that God delights in the prayers of His people, and I suppose no request is “too small” to pray for, right? 🙂 Anyway, this request is for us and our Myles. You remember that our kamikaze child took a head dive into a pile of rocks recently. Well, we took him the next day to the dr to check it out and she told us, much to our relief, that his nose wasn’t broken! Yay! Didn’t want him to have issues with a deviated septum. His face was nice and bruised and nose swollen for a few days after that. It’s been a couple of weeks now, and the swelling has gone. However, it has become apparent that his nose did not escape unscathed. After being away from him for a few days during our get-a-way, Stu and I have really noticed the difference. This is the worst photo, please don’t freak out! I had him make this face to accentuate the difference. We have a doctor’s appointment for him on Friday to get his nose reevaluated. Here’s where the prayer request comes in. Dealing with doc’s offices around here can be nightmareish. Please pray that the lady we see will have the same concerns that we do and will be able to refer us to someone who can help Myles nose. Also pray that something CAN be done about it. I realize that we can’t go through life unscathed, but it seems a little harsh to have to have your nose messed up at such a young age. Having a mommy’s feelings about this makes it hard. I realize that in the grand scheme of things this is NOT a ‘big deal’ but it’s something that I would like to have a nice ending to. 🙂 Even if we can see a specialist who can tell us that his nose won’t be ‘so bad’ as he grows, that will help. My concern is that it will get worse, not better, with time. So hopefully we can sail smoothly through the waters of doctors and insurance and get some help and answers. The good news is that Myles doesn’t complain of pain in his nose at all. He’s completely oblivious to it even if I pinch it, so at least... read more

Smooshy Face

I’m glad that kids face is mostly cartilage! Myles fell right on his nose apparently while monkeying around outside. He usually has stellar balance, but this day it didn’t kick in in time. Poor dude! He’s been very brave through it all anyway. Grandma was there to comfort him when it happened, and he spent most of that evening with a tisue stuck up his nose. I held him for some time with an ice pack on his face while he attempted to watch “Lightning McQueen.” He complained more of not being able to see because of the ice pack than of his nose hurting. The next day we already had doc apts for Qade and Ella since they’d been feverish and coughing a bunch. So we brought him along for the doctor to look at his nose even though they told us that the “couldn’t get him in” that morning. The doctor looked at him and then told Stuart to go tell them at the front to admit him because he might need an x-ray. Turns out, though, after looking at it with the scope and cleaning it a bit with saline (which I’m glad she was able to do because he’d pitch a fit when I tried to clean it a bit) she told us that it wasn’t broken and he didn’t need an x-ray! Whew!! Nice to know! So he’s a bit bruised, and scabby looking these days, and his nose is still swollen, but not misshapen which is a relief! Because getting this lad to slow down and stop careening around at 100 miles and hour is absolutely... read more

Myles 3 yr old shoot

I got a chance to do Myles and Aiden’s birthday pictures last weekend! 🙂 I’m glad it worked out for Aiden to be here so I could snag his as well. They both had similar set ups to Qade’s because I was going for a homogenous look for Qade and Myles and since I was too lazy to set up a different thing for Aiden, he got the same as well. 🙂 It works. They won’t always be this easy to accommodate, ya know? 😉 Anyway, I thought I’d do “Toy Story” with Myles instead of cars like Qade. While the boy loves his trucks and cars, he’s a huge Toy Story fan, so this works for his 3 yr old pics. I can’t decide if I like the big grin or the quieter happy face better. He’s just so stinkin’ cute! The big 3. 🙂 I have plans to do number poses with them till 5 at least, but since I have the numbers, I may just do them till they decide to move out so mom can’t take their photos any more. 😉 I liked this one because it was a serious moment when he wasn’t really expecting me to snap one. 😉 Gotta love his favorite Scooby Doo’s as he calls his crocs. 😉 Happy boy! I love this expression!! Yeah, he’s a little bit silly, and I love him to... read more

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