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Little Hero

Yesterday I finally got around to taking Myles 4 yr old photos. Isn’t it pathetic how bad I am at staying on top of my own kid’s pictures? Ugh! Oh well. He didn’t seem to care, and we had a fun time with paint and all too. I was going to write a post about how Myles was my hero today so I just decided to blend it with his photos. 🙂 For the past couple of days Myles has been hunting down house flies and swatting them for me. He gets such a kick out of it. Today he probably disposed of at least 4. At one point when I told him I saw some in a window he went running for the laundry room saying, “Where’s that swat flies?” (aka fly swatter) 😉 He was also the man of the house when I ran out of wood today. Stuart has been beyond busy lately with board meetings and union meetings and counsel meetings and parent/teacher meetings… to name a few. 😉 So he didn’t have a chance yesterday on his one hour off to bring in wood. It is actually REALLY warm here today (just a Spring teaser I’m sure) but I still wanted to toss a couple more logs on the fire. So I asked Myles if he would take his wheelbarrow and get me some. He jumped right up and got his shoes on. I was watching him through the window and he loaded up 4 logs, but one fell out on the way down and he decide it was too much, so he picked it up and took it back to the pile before bringing down the rest. What a little helper man! I love my kids’ feet! Anyway, Myles loves being 4 and he loves learning and just life in general. He still has very little patience for being hungry, but has become a LOT more picky about the food he wants to eat than he ever used to be. He still has some verbal issues like saying his “r” sound and some words with “l’s” as well. He also lisps slightly on s words too. I’m not terribly concerned about it yet, but I think that we’re going to start doing some verbal exercises with him, just for fun, and see if it will improve. I don’t want it to become something that he has to struggle to overcome later. Myles loves... read more


Myles has finally entered the land of preschool. He really wanted to be in school since his big bro got to be. Ha ha! Don’t be in a rush lad, you’ve got years of learnin’ ahead of you! I should have had these photos up awhile ago, but… things are backlogged on the blog. 😉 Enjoy them now though. Isn’t he a cutie-patuti preschool lad?? He’s so cute! I can’t believe he’s 4!! Someone is a... read more

Four Years Ago

… yesterday, My Littlest buddy turned 4! This is so hard to believe, because while Myles always kind of seems as old as Qade all the time, I still have it in my head that he’s my little guy. 😉 I tried to convince him yesterday that it was his birthday and he was now 4 years old. Since he’s been wanting to be four since he turned 3 this should have been good news. However, he was skeptical since we weren’t having his party yet. Ha ha! Myles is still our happy go lucky, but he also has a “grumpy” side and won’t hesitate to tell us or his brother “I GRUMPY!!” with an accompanying “UUHHG!” sound to drive the message home. 😉 He and I had a discussion last afternoon about how he is sometimes grumpy. He was rather matter of fact about it. “Sometimes en I wake up, I just grumpy.” 😉 But most of the time he is happy. He’s our resident button pusher too. While they all know how to push buttons, Myles has made an art of it. He is gleefully happy whenever he has found said button, and will mash it over and over until there’s an eruption or an intervention. We are working on both sides of this issue. Myles is a thinker as well. He has a good memory and an amazing vocabulary. He asks questions like “Why our eyes blink?” and other such things that I have no idea how to answer. He has a great memory, and enjoys trying to beat out his brother on Bible verse memory. I’m pretty sure that competition between these two is going to be a life long thing. Still they are the best of friends, except when they aren’t. 😉 Myles is our action guy. He’s already had enough scraps and falls to last a life time, but they haven’t yet dampened his sense of adventure. He’ll be a monkey for a good long time, I’m sure. Perhaps rock climbing is in his future. 🙂 He’s been talking about all the fun rides we went on at Disney, and how he liked “Splashing Mountain” and even though “I was a little bit scared, but I was brave!” he wants to go on it again the NEXT time we go to Disney. We are so blessed to have this little guy in our family! Even on the days (and there are some) when... read more

Summer Shoot(s) 2

That photo of Myles cracks me up! I love the look on his face!! It’s totally him! Mr. Mischief and Fun! Ha ha! Myles is a handsome lad too! I might be a bit biased, but I really think I have a couple of the cutest lads in the world!!... read more


We have some silly ones in this family!! 😉 Now, doesn’t that help you have a happy... read more

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