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Birthday Princess

On her birthday morning I let Ella open this “princess dress” from her “Punkin'” (my mom) to wear during her princess party! It’s really a nightgown, but she loves it as a dress, and wears it as often as I let her now. 🙂 She was so excited about all the special princess stuff that surrounded her on this day! It was a fun party, and I’m glad that I chilled out enough to enjoy it. 😉 This princess dress ‘twirls’ well too! Friends came, and they all got the special goody bags. Crowns and wands were passed out to the girls, and everyone was princessy or boy-y depending. 😉 Cousin Helen got to come and the girls had a grand time on the play set! I managed to snag a photo with my princess! I can’t believe she’s 3!! Very princess like hot dogs were served. 😉 And spicy chips too! It was a hit! Cake decorating is not something this mama does, but I will slap a plastic crown on a pink cake any day of the week! 😉 Ella suddenly became shy when everyone was singing happy birthday to her. Make a wish, sweetie! And THIS is how a princess eats cake! 😉 Oh yes! Out of all the Disney princesses, Ella is by far my favorite!! She is sweet, and thanked everyone for the gifts she received. She got a little dress like Merida, but it’s “itchy” so I need to find her something to wear under it. And her princess “bling” was a HUGE hit! She LOVED the little clip on earrings and wore them the rest of the day! It was a good day and a special time with friends celebrating our sweet little girl! I learn so much from her day by day, and am so thankful for the sunshine that she brings to our lives! Our two littlest princesses put in an appearance during the party, but mostly they slept through it.... read more

Six days straight!

Going to the chicken coop or “Chicken Poop” as Ella calls it, is one of my favorite parts of the day! Henny Penny is going strong with 6 days in a row of laying! I’m impressed!! Of course, as Stuart reminded me, if they all lay this well we will have a dozen eggs a day! And what we’re going to do with all of those I do not know! Anyway, the gal tends to like to drop her egg around 9-10am each morning. So about the time that I get the twins down for a nap and I need a break from the chaos of the house, I take a little walk to the chicken coop and look for that little brown treasure! 🙂 So fun! I imagine the novelty will wear off in time, as with most things, but right now I’m thrilled that we have a layer! I was thinking we wouldn’t have any eggs till closer to October, so this is just a bonus! Today I had a little helper to gather the eggs! SHE is just as thrilled at finding them as I am! What a find! She thinks they are treasures too! She’s so gentle! 🙂 Thought you needed some happy heads to brighten your day in case you’re not as excited about chicken eggs as we all are. 😉 Happy Weekend! On this day I was trying to get a photo of them together in their little matching dresses, but when I propped them up they kept taking turns spewing out their breakfast. After going back and forth about 5 times with the burp rag, I gave up and put them back on the... read more

Check up Day

Today was the twins’ 2 month check up. Yeah, they’ll be three months tomorrow, but who’s really keeping THAT close track? Today was the soonest they could get the girls in and it never bothers me to put of these check ups. Stu took off work to come with us and it was nice to have him there. It took 2 hours from the time we got there to check in till we left. Seems a bit much to moi. Anyway, the girls are growing well! Claire weighed in at 10-9 and Gabby at 10-11! I was surprised that they were that close! They were within a 1/4 inch of each other too! But I forget those exact measurements. I wanna say 22.5 and 22.75. The doc, who actually remembered having Stu as a patient when HE was itty-bitty (what a memory!!) is very nice and thorough with the girls. I like her! She doesn’t rush through the visit but takes time to talk about the babies and how they are doing and such. She said that they are behaving more like their chronological age than their gestational age. Which means, (I think, remember that numbers are NOT my strong point) that they are acting more like 3 month olds and not so much like 6 week olds which would be their adjusted age. Yeah… or something. Anyway, they’re doing good. The shots part I hate! I’ve been dreading it for a couple of days and give myself tummy aches over the whole ordeal! I just hate it when my babies have to have shots! Ugh! It shouldn’t be such a big deal. I know they need to go through it, but it’s just no fun. Bah! So I imagine that they will be “up” a bit more tonight as they will be uncomfortable, and I’ll snuggle and rock them and pray they don’t both “need” me at the same time, because I’m still not good at juggling that! And I’ll leave you with some photos of my soon to be 3 month olds! Awww! Can’t believe it... read more

Twin Shoot

So, I attempted several times to have a “shoot” with Claire and Gabby. It was a challenge to say the least. I always tell my clients that it’s best to have babies portraits done in the first 2 weeks. Of course, that’s not an option for preemies, so you make the best of what you have. I got a couple good shots and am going to have to call it good. I was stressing myself out over it, and finally decided that I could be satisfied with what we got and move on. Feel better now. 😉 Anyway, some of their shots are on the birth announcements which are (hopefully) going out this week. So I won’t spoil it by posting those, but thought you might like to see a couple of the others, so here they are. 🙂 Enjoy! My favorite of Gabby! My favorite of... read more


Well I started the twinkie girls out on the Baby Whisperer’s EASY routine full blast on Sunday. I just have to say that EASY isn’t easy!! At least not starting out. I happen to have experience with it from before so I know that it WILL be easy down the road when the girls are on their routine and everyone is getting enough sleep. This week thus far hasn’t been easy though. I faithfully kept the lasses on a 3 hour feeding schedule to make sure they are getting enough calories to see them through the night. It’s amazing how fast 3 hours flies by when you spend at least 45 min of it feeding babies, and then another 30 trying to keep them awake before they get a nap! But the bigger problem was they were not stretching out their feeds at night even with the constant vigilance that they not go longer than 3 hours in the day. There were a couple of nights where one or the other couldn’t settle and then of course as soon as they did the other would be hungry shortly after. Ugh! Then in the morning the babies would be sleepy sleepy, but the other kids were up and attem. Oh my! Made for a very tired mommy, let me tell you! Yesterday morning was probably the low point. I was zombie-mom if ever there was one. I couldn’t think straight to save my life, and still can’t recall most of the morning hours!! Last night there was a change however! I followed our routine to a T all day long! We gave the girlies (who had the inviting aroma of aged cheese) a bath in the sink which the other kiddos though was incredibly entertaining to watch. Then Stu helped me with their “dream feed” at 10ish and I flopped into bed in hopes that I would not hear their little voices till at least 3am. When the first grunts and groans started, I glanced at the clock and it was 3:14!!! Five hours, yay!!! I fed them both and went back to bed crossing my fingers and surprisingly they stayed sacked out till just past 7am! Whew!! That kind of a night I can handle! So I’m hoping that now that they have one success under their belts they will continue to make it a trend. I know that one night isn’t any guarantee of future nights, but it... read more

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