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So I realized once I came to my blog for this Friday’s fix, that I haven’t blogged in a WEEK!! Wow, I knew it was bad, but didn’t know it was that bad. I do have a blog-post a’brewin’ but it’ll have to wait. I’m really terribly busy *snerk* or something. πŸ˜‰ Actually I do have a photo-shoot this afternoon with two adorable seniors, so I won’t have time to post probably today, but maybe tomorrow. So carpe maΓ±ana! πŸ˜‰ Today’s fix was too adorable NOT to work with! I wasn’t really planning to do a fix-it today, but when I saw the picture, I simply HAD to! This little red headed baby is so tiny and so cute! Isn’t it amazing how unbelievably cute a baby can be even when you don’t see it’s face?? I’m amazed by them, always will be. Here was the original image. I use Aperture 3 My first edit I was going mostly for color correction. I used this edit as the start for my other two. I brightened it up a little bit, bumped up the contrast, brought down the Red tones and used a skin smoothing brush on the hands. Also a square edit, and a contrast brush on the black shirt. Second edit is B&W with a red filter. I absolutely LOVE this preset!! I cropped in wider, but cloned out part of the arms so the focus would be more on baby’s head and the hands. Final edit: I tilted the image for a little more interesting angle. Used the high-contrast sepia preset. Ran skin smoothing brush again and contrast brush, and that about does it. You can check out more edits of this same photo at the page. πŸ™‚... read more

Fix-it Friday

Today’s fix it was just too cute! This little girl in that pose reminds me so much of my shy self when I was little. Awwww… makes me want to hug her! Anyway, here is the original image. I use Aperture for my edits. In my first edit I was mostly trying to fix the lighting. The original is pretty dark. I bumped up the brightness. Did some skin smoothing on her face, popped the eyes a little bit with the dodge and saturation brushes, added an vignette and that’s about it. I did a teeny bit of saturation tweaking with red. This was the base that I used for my other two edits. Cropped and used a high-contrast sepia. With this one, I did a square crop, tilted it a tiny bit and of course flipped it. You can check out other people’s edits by going to read more


Today I’m jumping back on the “fix-it” bandwagon. I want to do this each week just to get stronger in my editing skills. I think this weeks photo is SO cool! As I’m looking at Senior Portrait season in our area right now, this pic just screams “High School Guy!” ya know? What a great idea, and a good capture! Unfortunately as the photographer admits the lighting was going going by the time they took this shot, so it turned out a bit dark. Here’s the original. Working with less than ideal lighting is what photographers HAVE to do. That’s why it’s so vital to be a good editor as well. This is a fantastic shot, but it’s not a “stellar” senior portrait type shot as is. What I did with the first edit, and believe me I’m having way too much fun with the new things in Aperture 3, is I bumped up the brightness, a lot! Then boosted the contrast as well to even it out. I toggled the vibrancy a tad to bring out those awesome Fall colors and then added a vignette to really draw the focus to the jumper. On my second attempt I used a muted sepia tone that is one of Apertures presets. Then I used a contrast “brush” on the jumper to really bring him out. I like the way the background is muted and he is obviously the main thing. Take 3. First thing is obviously that I flipped it. It’s amazing what just flipping an image can do for the perspective. I kind of wish I had left the scenery in so you could see the change better. But I cropped it so you just get the flying figure. I used the contrast brush again and a little bit of the dodge brush as well. Oh, and I had stamped it with the same color adjustments as the first one. There ya have it. You can check out more edits by clicking on the button below.... read more

I heart black and white

This week’s contest is scenic B&W images, with a face somewhere of course! πŸ™‚ I enjoyed this challenge because I really need to work on my black and whites. I use color monochrome much more often. So it was good for me to look at my “scenic” photos thinking about how they would look in B&W and then tweaking that a little. This shot is of Myles at Big Lake this summer. I love how itty-bitty he looks compared to his surroundings! If you want to see more really awesome photos then click the button at the bottom.... read more


The theme for the iheartfaces contest this week is Silhouette. I enjoy taking these kinds of pictures and am often looking for good silhouette opportunities. This photo is one that I took this summer when we were picnicking at Big Lake. Real inventive name for that place, huh? πŸ™‚ The boys had never experienced a lake like this before and were thrilled with throwing rocks in it. I was goofing off with my aperture trying to capture a good sun flair and got this shot in. It has become my all time favorite silhouette photo. Probably because of the 3 special people I see in it. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I thought it was a good shot to enter this week’s contest with. You can visit or click the button on the bottom to see more of the entries as... read more

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