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Summer Shoot(s) 3

De Bella was not in a happy mood for these photos. I should know better by now than to try to get photos of all three of them at the same time. 😉 She was rather disturbed that dirt and sticks were getting into her sandals. But even though she wasn’t in the smiliest frame of mind, I still got a few photos that I love… now. 😉 I love this... read more


Though I don’t think a look from her will turn you to stone… though it might double you over in stitches at how hysterically hilarious this is!! It’s this phenomenon that sent me running for my camera the other day when the kids were jumping on the trampoline. Ella’s baby-fine hair always ends up standing straight up on her head after a few minutes in the net. Then if the sun’s right, she’s crowned in a shiny golden halo while she bounces around trying to keep up with her brothers. Have I ever mentioned that when I was little I thought I’d have a daughter with blond hair? 😉 I admit that I knew nothing of genetics at the time, but what do you know! My little goldie locks! It’s fitting that her hair looks like this though instead of perfect little ringlets. She is MY daughter after all! Ha ha ha!! And I’m pretty sure that this is my new favorite... read more

Big Boots

The other day while Stu and I were talking in the kitchen I heard some scuffling and clomping sounds coming from the laundry room. I figured out what was going on before I actually saw it, but I had to laugh when one very proud-of-herself little person arrived on the scene. How she managed to get her little legs IN those boots and then walk was beyond me! She came all the way through the kitchen though, and then the boots started to get hung up on the carpet. Stu told her to get her “baby” and when she tried she toppled over, so out of the kindness of his heart he gave the baby to her. She has to take care of that baby after all! 🙂 Ha ha! So funny! So cute! Love that our kids give us these moments to laugh over! It helps balance out the not so funny moments.... read more

This Imp

Has got us all completely wrapped around her little fingers!! How can you resist a grin like this, I ask you?... read more

Future Virtuoso

Hmmm…. what key is it? Fantastic fingering! We’ll have to work on that pedal though.... read more

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