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Birthday Princess

On her birthday morning I let Ella open this “princess dress” from her “Punkin'” (my mom) to wear during her princess party! It’s really a nightgown, but she loves it as a dress, and wears it as often as I let her now. 🙂 She was so excited about all the special princess stuff that surrounded her on this day! It was a fun party, and I’m glad that I chilled out enough to enjoy it. 😉 This princess dress ‘twirls’ well too! Friends came, and they all got the special goody bags. Crowns and wands were passed out to the girls, and everyone was princessy or boy-y depending. 😉 Cousin Helen got to come and the girls had a grand time on the play set! I managed to snag a photo with my princess! I can’t believe she’s 3!! Very princess like hot dogs were served. 😉 And spicy chips too! It was a hit! Cake decorating is not something this mama does, but I will slap a plastic crown on a pink cake any day of the week! 😉 Ella suddenly became shy when everyone was singing happy birthday to her. Make a wish, sweetie! And THIS is how a princess eats cake! 😉 Oh yes! Out of all the Disney princesses, Ella is by far my favorite!! She is sweet, and thanked everyone for the gifts she received. She got a little dress like Merida, but it’s “itchy” so I need to find her something to wear under it. And her princess “bling” was a HUGE hit! She LOVED the little clip on earrings and wore them the rest of the day! It was a good day and a special time with friends celebrating our sweet little girl! I learn so much from her day by day, and am so thankful for the sunshine that she brings to our lives! Our two littlest princesses put in an appearance during the party, but mostly they slept through it.... read more


“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” ~Shakespeare Just ask her brothers, they can attest to the truth of that quote. 😉  I’ve been meaning to do a post on our De Bella for awhile now, but as you may have noticed, I haven’t been in the bloggin’ groove.  Oh well now’s as good a time as any. Ella is SO fun these days!  Yes, she is 2, but hardly terrible. 🙂  Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds, and they ways that she chooses to use it are hysterical.  For example:  For some time now Qade’s most often used phrase toward his sister is, “You’re not my parent, Ella!”  This started even BEFORE the child was talking much.  One day I informed Qade that despite his tantrum he would be cleaning up his toys.  A few moments later I hear his compaint, “Ella is looking at me like a parent!”  I couldn’t help laughing and asked him what he was talking about.  He told me, ‘Her eyes look like a parent.”  And I have to confess that Ella does seem to believe that it is one of her inalienable rights to “boss” her brothers and make sure that they are towing the line. 😉  Recently, she has started to call Qade, “son.”  Well, you can imagine how well that goes over with the first born. 😉  “I’m not your son, Ella, and you’re not my mommy!”  We’ve been working with Qade to help him understand that she doesn’t know what “son” means but is just repeating what she hears from Mommy and Daddy, but we’re also working with Ella to make sure she knows it’s not her place to boss her brothers. 😉 A lot of Ella’s words are still not very clear, but she is adding much to her vocabulary.  Considering the fact that in the summer she was still just humming to communicate, I’m pretty happy with her progress!  At night when I’m rocking her before bed she will often request “do-do” for a song.  She’s referring to “A Bushel and a Peck” which has a “doodle-oo-do” part in it.  I’ve sung her that just about every night of her life, so it’s no wonder it’s a favorite song. She LOVES her baby-doll.  The other day she had taken it to the white house (the guest house) to visit her grandparents, and forgot it there when she came back up for bed.  Daddy was... read more

Two Year Old Photos

De Bella is officially two. Well, she has been for awhile, but now it’s totally official because I finally got her photos done! Just in time too cause I need to do Myles as well, and then take some Christmas photos of them all for our cards! I can’t believe I have to be thinking about Christmas cards already!! Wow! Anyway, Ella was being quite the ham during her photo shoot. She was EXTREMELY excited about her new outfit which she told me was “Pi-ee” which in case you need translating means pretty. 😉 Yeah, she’s not terribly clear on a lot of her words yet. Ha ha! And of course “Bee-bee” had to be in most of the photos too! The ones she weren’t in I got a lot of shots of Ella looking “off camera” at Bee-Bee. 😉 She loves her doll that’s a fact! So enough with the blather, enjoy the photos! She really did try to climb the number 2. These are just a tough foam, but not THAT tough! Gotta get my black and white in there! How’d she get so big?? Lovin’ on her baby! I love this... read more

A New Phase

So the other day I was telling someone (sorry I can’t even remember who) that Ella was still in her crib and I was hoping to keep her in it till after winter. I figured that while I’m sure she can climb out of her bed, that thought hadn’t occurred to her yet. I was afraid that Myles might climb into the crib and show her how one day. Well, I guess I should have knocked on wood because the gal has figured it out, all on her own too! I spent a couple of nights at Oma’s house this week, and Ella was in the pack n’ play. This morning after keeping me up A LOT last night, I was trying to get her to “sleep in” a bit. The next thing I knew was the child attempting to open the door and escape. She had got out of the crib, turned of the “noise” and was ready to go on her way. 😉 Fast forward to this afternoon where I optimistically thought that she’d take a nap after we got home since she’d lost a bunch of sleep last night. I got her to bed, a little later got the lads stowed in their bunks so I could get the vehicle unloaded. At one point I heard a distinctive knocking accompanied by a very cheerful voice, very obviously not in her bed, saying, “Knock Knock!” I guess she felt she had been in her bed long enough and it was time to rise. *SIGH* So now I need to figure out how I’m going to transition her to a ‘big girl’ bed. I don’t like to keep them in a crib once they can escape it on their own. However, since she is our WORST sleeper, this little hitch in our life isn’t very welcome right now. Her little room has no heat on it’s own, and if I keep her door slightly ajar when the wood stove is burning then it’ll stay warm enough at night. However, I don’t want her roaming the house of her own free will, nor do I want to use the space heater if she’s in a toddler bed. SO… looks like maybe baby gates are in her future. 🙂 Oh well, we’ll go with it and who knows, maybe she’ll become a better sleeper once she’s out of the crib. ??? Hey it could happen!... read more

Two Years Ago

Two years ago today our little Ella de Bella joined our family! She’s been such a snip of sunshine for us! I can’t believe that she’s already 2 and in some ways it’s even harder to remember what it was like without her. Living with lads is fun and adventurous (and loud) but I’m so happy that I have my Bugga-boo to balance it all out with a bit of girly-ness. She loves pretty things, and is crazy about shoes. She likes jewelry, hair bows and dresses. But she really IS my daughter. 😉 She rough and tumble and giggly and sweet, and she has a very kind heart and tenderness about her. She often tries to comfort her brothers, or her “baby” if she feels that they need it. We’re so happy that God gave us our little sweetie pie, or as Stuart calls her, squeaky pie. 🙂 Happy Birthday Ella, love... read more

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