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Disney Vacation (pt1)

Yes, I’m into multi-parted posts these days!! I just couldn’t narrow down the fun photos of our trip to Disney to just a few that would fit in a single post. 🙂 So sit back and join us vicariously on our trip that we are already dying to repeat! Day One: It’s quite a drive from here to Anaheim so we opted to split it into two days. I left early with the kids and Stu came with his parents and nephew after he got off work. Starting out! SOOOOO ready for vacation! The twins got to stay with Grandma “Punkin” my mom, while the big kids went to Disney. Gives us an excuse to go back in a couple of years so that the big kids can “show” Disney to the twins! At the hotel we went swimming to burn off energy and kill time till Daddy made it there! I love those floaty vests that we borrowed for Myles and Ella!! They are awesome! Qade specifically requested goggles this year so that he could see under water! He enjoyed putting them to use too! Just as long as he could hang on to the side as well. 😉 She makes me smile! The hot tub was nice as well! I spent most of my water time in there! 😉 Then of course we went to bed and everyone slept like a top (with a little encouragement). 😉 Actually they kept wiggling around for a very long time whispering and laughing to each other and I believe someone fell off the bed in the night as I was awakened by a loud thud, but since it wasn’t followed up with any wailing I just went back to sleep. 😉 Stay tuned for day... read more

Family Fun

We decided to take the twins out to the trampoline for the first time last week. 🙂 It was pretty humorous. As predicted, Claire cried when we first put her on it, but she actually warmed up to it pretty quickly. 😉 Then she only cried when one of her siblings bounced too close to her and made her fall over. I love trampoline hair! 🙂 Gabby thought the whole thing was great! She got the biggest kicks out of running as fast as her chubby legs would carry her till she lost her balance and feel down, rolling into the middle. She laughed the whole time too! We instructed the bigger kids not to jump while the babies were on it, but they did get bouncy and some wrestling ensued as well. 😉 Notice the concentration and hands splayed for balance. She does not like to fall down! Taking a break with Mommy… and to point out her nose apparently. Gabby came over for a brief hug as well. She’s way too into action to stay long though. I’m not sure what was getting Ella’s goat right here, but I couldn’t resist snapping the hair! 🙂 We’ve taken the twins out a time or two since and they both absolutely love it! Something about trying to walk on that bouncy surface is just too fun! Trampolines make for fun family times. The... read more


So um.. I think I was supposed to write about the twins and all their recent accomplishments/antics. I’m too tired to do so right now though, so you’ll have to wait. Cause I want to put some pictures on it too, and yeah, to tired. 😉 Anyway, this morning I got a call from our Post Office and hurried down to pick up our little box of chicks!! It felt so funny to walk into the PO and say, “I’m here to pick up chicks!” Ha! Anyway, the little day old fuzz-balls made the trip safe and sound and all of them are happily installed in our little “brooder” in the garage! Hopefully they’ll all fair well and in about 5 months we’ll have a rainbow of colorful eggs. We are also getting a puppy in a few weeks that we hope to raise to be a guardian to our flock and herd. I’m reading as much as I can about it right now in attempts to be ready to raise him right without bad habits. He is already being raised around sheep with his parents as the guardian dogs, so that’s a good start for the lil guy! With any luck he’ll help cut down on the losses to our chickens which have been rather alarming this year. *sigh* We are only very slightly behind in school at this point. Which is really good! I’ve decided that Fridays from now till the end of school will only be “half days” and that we will be done with school at lunch whether we’re done or not. 😉 Executive decision. The wind is blowing in it’s favorite Springtime fashion. I’d like to remind it that it’s not actually Spring yet. I keep thinking I’ll open the door and see munchkin land! No fun! I’d like to go see how the goats are dealing with it, but I don’t want to venture out in it myself. I’m sure they are fine. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. I’m going to seek out a cave and just listen to the quiet… or not.... read more

Where I be?

Have you missed me? I suddenly am inundated with blogs to keep up with and I haven’t quite been able to separate it all in my brain. The ranchy stuff I’m now posting on Wandering... read more

Finding Delight

The word delight is defined as a verb, to please someone greatly or a noun to take great pleasure in. Doesn’t seem like it would be something that would take work, right? I mean, how often to you go to Disney and think about how much work it will be to have fun? Right? 🙂 Well, I’m here to tell you that delight is something I have to seriously work at. At least in a particular context. And that context is delighting in my children. Plenty of verses in Proverbs talk about how children bring delight to parents. As I have read those verses countless times it never occurred to me till recently that I needed to have a more active role in the delight part. Till then I’d been placing all of the responsibility of creating delight on the part of the children. I’m not trying to make something “new” out of the Bible or say that this is the way it has to be for every home, but for me personally some things need to change. See, mommyhood is difficult. VERY difficult! Maybe it comes easier for some people and maybe some people just try to project the “easy” attitude. I’m pretty sure that for just about every parent everywhere though it is sometimes if not always, difficult. Unless of course a parent doesn’t care at all about the character and behavior of their kids, then I suppose it might be easier… but I don’t know any parents like that, thankfully! So as I slog through the difficult days with my kids too often I am not finding any delight in it at all. I don’t delight in them, I don’t delight in what they are doing, and I don’t delight in being a mom. It’s true. Too many days my greatest accomplishments have been to make sure everyone has had food, and that bottoms have been cleaned and I just go into survival mode till I can finally deposit them all into bed and be “free” of them for a few hours. It sounds completely horrible to actually say it, but I know I’m not the only one who has days like that. It’s okay to be honest. Yes, I love my kids more than life, but that doesn’t mean they don’t take a toll. However, I notice that if I take the time to stop being a harried mom and actually find things to delight... read more

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