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Ah, the sweet music of nap time!

Hello friends! Camp in AZ is over. Seems like it went so fast once we got going. 🙂 Now Stuart is helping at the new property and I am holding down the fort in our “Laura and Mary” cabin. Ha ha! I use my imagination often to make mundane things more fun. One of the families that came as sponsors this summer has 5 kids. They stayed in this cabin before and because there is a loft they dubbed it the “Laura and Mary” cabin after the “Little House on the Prairie” characters. If I imagine that I’m “back then” it helps me to not get irritated over the small inconveniences. For example, I’m trying, as I write, to boil water on a single electric burner to make pasta. I’ve been at it for nearly an hour and no boiling yet! But if I think about having to boil water on the top of a wood burning stove, or even an open fire, it doesn’t seem so bad. 😀 Another thing I use my imagination for is when I’m cooking, not just here. I like to pretend that I’m a contestant on “Iron Chef America” and for some reason that makes cooking more fun. 😉 So I’m wacky, but at least I enjoy life. Our plan for this evening is to have a picnic lunch in the park. I will take the boys to meet Stu and we’ll have our pasta salad. (Provided the water ever boils) That is the plan. But the sky is threatening and grumbling right now so I’m not sure if it’ll all work out. We’ll just play it by ear. Speaking of ears, I got my “fiddle method” book in the mail!! Now I can start practicing how to fiddle. Ha! I’m sure you all are happy that I won’t be within hearing range for you. 😉 I’m interested to see how the boys react to it. My sling rings also came in the mail, and I’ve been “practicing” slinging both Qade and Myles in a Lava Lava from Samoa. It makes a great, and only slightly short sling. I don’t really need it to be longer, but I’m going to stitch one end so that I don’t have to think about 2 ends on the rings. I’ll have to post a picture of me using it sometime. Stuart said I look like I’m from Africa. 😉 Little too light, I think. Qade will... read more

Where the Wild Things Live

They live all around us apparently! This weekend was a great “wild thing” sighting time. On Saturday we were driving into town for our park fun when out of no where I saw a bear! I was looking intently for Elk because they often are along that way, but sure enough back in the woods there was a big fuzzy bear! I did a double take and then yelled out “A beeeeaaaaaaar!” (so Stuart says I said) and freaked everyone out. We turned around but “Teddy” had already disappeared into the thick woods so no one else got to behold him. Ain’t I special? We also saw the Elk and occasional Mule Deer, and a little heard of Antelope with their babies, too cute! Then yesterday as we were driving back from the new camp property just around dusk I saw a bob cat off in the field. I hollered again and Stu stopped and turned around. This time we were lucky enough to both get to see it. He was just sitting there in the grass waiting for us. Once he decided that we had actually seen him, he wandered off into the brush, but that was pretty cool! We also saw this ENORMOUS heard of Elk just grazing away like cows in a field. There were LOTS of them out last night. I’m sure we saw a couple hundred of them all together. It’s so cool to be in a place where you can experience God’s creation first hand! I told Stu that it was too bad that Qade had no concept of how cool it was to get to see all of these critters. But then again, Qade thinks that it’s awesome to look out the car window and see “Tows” and “Howsies” (cows and horseys) so he is impressed with God’s creation too. Maybe I should learn to think it’s cool just to see a cow or a horse. They are after all, just as much a part of creation as the Elk, Bear and Bobcat. 🙂 I can learn so much from my little... read more


Today has been wacky. I woke up late, well Myles and I slept in after his breakfast. 🙂 I love snoozing in the big bed with him in the mornings, there’s just something so cozy about it! Qade got up and knocked on his door a few times, but managed to occupy himself for the while that it took me to finally get up and get him. He was back in his big-boy bed for the 2nd night in a row and did stupendous. The first night, he knocked right after being put down, then when he realized that Mommy and Daddy weren’t going for that he would try to peek under the door, but we caught him there too. Ha! Later I walked in to find him playing with his Legos on the floor in the dark (how fun could that be?) but after I tucked him in again, he crashed, so he must have worn himself out. Last night we didn’t hear a peep till morning. 🙂 Anyway, today we were going about our normal routine, though I felt sleepy all day because it was cloudy. Then this afternoon while I was reading a novel, instead of doing something worth while, I glanced up at the window and saw HUGE snowflakes swirling down from the sky. Actually it was snowing SIDEWAYS! The wind had been raging all day, and now there was snow in the wind! It was too weird! It snowed for a little while even leaving some on the ground (patches) but nothing to serious. Funny thing for Arizona. 😉 Myles is still his chilled out (lazy) self, and not working at all to roll over. He’s so completely unmotivated, and coming after having a driven child like Qade it’s quite a difference! He’s just so content to lie there and play with his toes, not concerned about getting mobile at all. 😀 I know when he decides to do it that he will, it’s comical to me the differences in my boy’s personalities. Myles has stopped nipping!! He gave it a go a couple times, and then decided the trauma of being startled by Mommy when she was startled wasn’t worth it. So for now, it’s done, and I’m totally fine with that! The ministry that we are involved in has been going through lots of change this year. I say that we’re in a state of “flux” and don’t know if that makes... read more

Happy Birthday!

Today is the day I was going to get a new nephew. Josiah or Jo-Jo and Qade and I dubbed him. My Sis-in-Law Joy was 2 weeks overdue and we were all praying for the baby to come soon. Things worked out kind of different from planned, but today at 4am (ish) became the forever birthday of our newest family member. And in good ol Zahn surprise fashion our “Jo-Jo” ended up being Hellen Grace!!! 🙂 Yay! We have a girl baby now! I was thinking we would end up with all boys, but now the pressure is off, we have our little princes. (I have a feeling it’ll be all lads in our house!) James (my bro) has lost his heart, and is completely wrapped around those tiny fingers already. My other bro is in a fair way to be totally ga-ga as well. What is it about teeny-tiny girlies that does that? I was thinking about that today, and recalled to mind something that one of Stu’s professors had said about women being the “capstone” of creation. I think it must be true, if you only see a delivery room full of people turning to puddles over a scrap of feminine wiles. 🙂 So that’s my good news of the day, and I think it’s pretty awesome! Pray for my sis-in-law Joy as she recovers. It was a rough time for her, but she’s blissfully happy being a mommy! Hope you all are having a wonderful week!... read more

Rain in the Mountains

This morning we drove down to camp.  There is a mission board retreat going on, but also the BIG truck that has our newest staff members earthly possessions in it arrived and needed unloading.  On our way here I noticed some big dark clouds looming ahead of us, and figured that it would be raining when we arrived.  Sure enough!  It’s slowing down the unloading process for the truck which is unfortunate, but I like the rain.  Especially since we don’t see it all that often out here.  I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to participate in the retreat.  They have a couple afternoon sessions today, but I’m with Qade as he’s having a much needed nap, so I will likely not make it to those.  There is a service tonight, but since Qade has not yet mastered the “sitting still for that long” ability, I’ll probably not attempt that either.  Qade is getting better.  On Wed, I didn’t have to take him out till nearly the very end of the service.  It was so cute when Stuart was leading the singing, Qade started waving his arm in the air too!  Funny boy! Qade is now 15 months, and I haven’t made his well baby check up yet, so I don’t know what he weighs, but I do know that he has gone through a growth spurt lately.  Especially now that he’s walking everywhere he seems sooo much bigger!  I was looking at his little frame with his baby foot imprint in it yesterday and thinkin, “Wow, could it really have been that tiny!”  And I had a similar thought as he and I were going through his infant clothes to see what would work for the next one.  I held up one of his newborn onsies, and was like, “You actually used to fit in this!”  He was unimpressed though.  Qade now has about a 15-20 word vocabulary.  His favorite words right now are ball, dog, and kitty.  He usually throws in lots of “uh-oh’s” as well, and of course he says please quite a bit.  He thinks that if he says it that automatically means that he gets what he’s asking for.  It’s a difficult concept.  Qade LOVES sausage and bacon!  I can occasionally get him to eat other meat, but those 2 I can always count on.  He’s doing pretty good at his fruit and will even eat some fruit cup peaches now which... read more

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