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The End

This morning I’ve been packing! It seems like we’ve been in a constant state of packing and unpacking the past 6 weeks! 🙂 That’s camp life for us though. Hard to believe it’s actually our last day!! It’s been fast and furious, but good. I am thankful that God has given us the chance to work in a camp ministry. Camp has been an important part of both of our lives, and now will have an important part in our kid’s lives too! What a great God! He truly is so good to us. Not only does he provide abundantly more than our needs, but He generously allows many of our wants as well. Then He works in our hearts and lives to bring us to the exact place that we LOVE to be. Wow! Not that there aren’t difficult moments, but even through those the peace in Christ that we have from being where we need to be makes it worthwhile. Anyway, that was all free. 🙂 You’re welcome! I’m going to brave the thunders and run out to the vehicle for the camera. I’ve neglected giving you all that photo-tour of camp that I’ve promised. Now is as good a time as any since we will be shortly gone from here for the summer! Be right back! Okay, so while that’s working and I have a captive audience waiting for the pictures I’ll just keep rambling. These probably aren’t the best pics in the world. I took them with our point and shoot camera, which actually does a pretty good job, but the problem was the time of day and sunlight angle. But still it’ll give you a pretty good idea of what camp looks like. We have enjoyed being at camp, like I said, but we’re all really looking forward to being at home! Going into the summer I was thinking that we’d get to have some great ‘family time’ after camp ended, but this coming month looks like it will be just as busy, in a different way, as this last one has been. Stuart is diligently working on school stuff and getting his certification and everything solid. I’m so thankful to be married to such a fantastic man! He works so hard for our family AND camp. Even though I know I don’t say it often enough, and others say it even less, I appreciate everything he does, and the way that he gives... read more

Another Day

Not feeling so hot today. 🙁 Blah! Of course with as many of our staff who have been down and out, I shouldn’t be surprised if I start feeling icky. Hopefully though, it’s just a mild touch of tiredness. 🙂 I am feeling pretty exhausted, but after trying to nap for the last half hour and noting that my brain was only going faster and faster, I gave up in favor of blogging all of my woes to you guys. Hee hee! Today Myles and I made a quick run to town for some FOOD! Yay for eating! One of my favorite pastimes I must say! So now some beef is cooking up in the crock pot and will later be joined with onions and peppers so we can have fajitas for dinner. I even got some avocados for some fresh guacamole!! Num! Beats the pizza noodle stuff they’ll be eating in the dining hall for sure! 😉 No complaints though, the camp cooks, and nutritionalist have been doing a fantastic job this summer! I just prefer to do my own shopping and sometimes I prefer to do my own cooking, oddly enough. 🙂 The retched moths have been plaguing my life out for the past several nights. It’s actually been more like a week of nights where I’ve either heard them knocking their own ridiculously ugly heads against the wall above the bed or buzzing past my ears while I’m trying to sleep! One night I got up and annihilated about 4 of them, but there were still more lurking. Grrrr!! Several nights I’ve just pulled the covers or a pillow over my head so I can’t hear them. I hate sleeping with stuff on my head! Then last night I reached over to turn down the humidifier next to the bed because it felt like the bed was actually getting wet from it, and I must have disturbed one who was sitting by the pretty green “on” light. As soon as I turned the knob and moved my hand back, something buzzed past my head! ARGH!!! I went to bed feeling very ill last night, so this didn’t improve my mental state. I turned on the light and attempted to swat the crazy flying beast, but I apparently can’t aim with a little rubber spatula! I needed a ginormous fly swatter for sure, because suddenly this little rogue was joined by like 5 other of his ilk... read more

Photo Wednesday!

Hi Friends! I have been neglecting you and I’m sorry, but that’s camp! 🙂 Thought I’d at least post a few photos so you can see what we’ve been doing, a little. I’ll try to do some more this weekend, but don’t hold your breath! You might end up a lovely shade of deep blue! We went with the staff to Big Lake for a dinner picnic and these are some of my favorite photos from that day. I just love the perspective AND the sun flair on this one!! The lads LOVED the watermellon and in fact it was about all they ate! Qade had 6 or 7 pieces!!! This has got to be one of my favorite pics ever! Here are the lads sporting their new summer hair cuts! I’m still intimidated about cutting their hair, but it turned out okay. Now for the sad pictures! Poor littlest buddy hasn’t been feeling well, and before I realized that he actually had a fever and THAT was why he wanted to cuddle, he lost his balance on the steps of our cabin deck and scraped his face all up. 🙁 It was a sad evening for the lad! There was a splinter nearly through his cheek (not deep, but from bottom to top) and I had to enlist the help of one of our wonderful camp nurses to help get it out. He was such a brave boy the whole time!! It was later when we were comforting him that we realized he was very hot, and did indeed have a temperature. 🙁 So sad!! His face looks simply awful, but he doesn’t really seem to notice it too much. At least it doesn’t keep him from jumping on the bed and sliding, face first, over the couch! He is taking a trip to the clinic today though, just to see if they can figure out why he’s had a temp, and check to make sure there’s no infection in his cheek. My poor baby boy!! Day it happened. Next day I have a pic of the actual splinter that I’ll post later too. He’s been so good about the whole thing! I just want him to get feeling better so he can enjoy the 4th weekend with all his family that are coming over. Hope those pics can tide you over for a little while. Stuart paired up our wireless keyboard with the iPad today so I... read more


Whew! It’s a roller coaster ride for sure! Then I knew it would be. We’re having a great time at camp! My WHOLE family was up here last week with the teens from their church. Actually one bro is here as cook. The rest came up with their teens and that was fun! I got several good foot rubs from my kind-hearted brother who took pity on my poor pathetic, and very dirty I might add, feet. 🙂 Happy feet!! Ahhhh! Well, we hauled our grill up here to camp so we “grilled out” each night with the fam and that was lots of fun! Nothing against most of the camp food, it’s been great! It’s just difficult for me to get the lads to meals/fed/feed myself, and get out in the allotted time, so it’s easier doing meals at our cabin. Plus it’s nice to have a certain measure of control over what we’re eating. Apparently though, our good cooking sparked some interest in some unexpected ways. Friday night was a doozy for Stuart! He had final scoring which is always very exciting. Then he stayed up till sometime around 3 AM helping the AV guy get the camp DVD ready for the campers to take home. Whew! He got back and promptly fell asleep, but then my brain started going on photography related things and I couldn’t go back to sleep. Just about the time my eyes were really and truely closing, I heard a familar bumping sound. I just couldn’t believe that the lads were up and about at 4 in the morning! Arg! So I got out of bed, in a not so happy mood, and turned on the light, stuck my head in their room and hissed, “Go back to bed!!” But as soon as I had, I realized that they were both snoozing soundly away in their proper places. Hmmm? Strange! Oh well, I got back in bed thinking maybe one of them had kicked the wall in their sleep. A few moments later I hear more of the same banging. Only this time I was awake enough to realize that it was coming from the other side of the cabin wall…. OUTSIDE!! Now there’s this deck/ledge that goes along that side of our cabin, and on this ledge is our trash. We like to keep stinky things outside like diapers and such. Some of the leftovers from the week had also made... read more

The Relocators

That’s the title my lads should use as their umbrella corporation. 🙂 As I was watching them play outside today I though again, as I have often recently, about how I never considered moving two handfuls of dirt from one place to another to be so delightful! Apparently I’m missing out. Qade and Myles, but Myles in particular, will pick up dirt, rocks, pine cones, or pine straw and oh so carefully take it somewhere else and toss it down. Myles will walk around and around with his little fists clenched tightly around a bunch of gravel that he managed to snag until he decides the place is perfect then down they go. It cracks me up! Today Qade decided he needed to “Work on the trees” so he spent quite some time pouring dirt down the tree trunks and trying to fit pine straw in the cracks in the bark. I love their little imaginations at work. Myles has been taste testing most of the organic stuff around here. Though when he picked up doo-doo of some kind on the field last night I was quick to tell him to drop it. Uck! Camp is a magical, exciting time for youngsters!! The campers are of course always excited/exciting and the staff are generally thrilled to be at camp, but for the camp kids there’s just something about it that’s wonderful! They get to interact with each other, and believe me Qade loves playing with his buddies. But they also get to interact with the staff, and in my thinking that’s even better. For young children to be able to watch and play and learn with dedicated Christian young adults is just a fantastic opportunity! The kids don’t look at it that way, of course. To them it’s just someone else to play with or talk to. But I’m thankful for the influence that other Christians can have on my kids, and there’s no more fun and concentrated way for them to get that experience than through camp. I miss being in the middle of the action and a part of all the excitement. But as a Mommy of 2 very active lads I have different priorities right now. I get to be on the sidelines cheering on my man who is in the midst of it all. (Not the least big jealous, oh no!) 😉 And I get to watch my kiddos taking it all in. Camp has... read more

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