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A whole year?

I can’t believe it’s been a year since our collective family went to Disneyland! I totally fell in love with Disney and cannot WAIT to go back!! I’m already thrilling with anticipation of seeing our Ella’s reaction to all the “Princesses.” What fun that will be! The boys are begging to go back and Myles has been asking, “How come we aren’t going back to Disney?” As if it’s like the grocery store or something. 🙂 It’s amazing what can happen in a year! So much has changed since this trip. Little things, big things, but lots of things. Some are happy happy changes, and some changes make me very sad. But I’m sooooo glad that we took this trip and that we have these happy memories together! It’s something we will cherish for a lifetime! The stroller gang! 🙂 We had to ditch this stroller we brought with us and rent Disney’s strollers! That was fine cause theirs were WAY better! The kids saw some awesome lego structures in downtown Disney! Nemo ride! Qade is convinced now that he has been on a submarine! 😉 Pretty sure we were trying to crash Popeye and Aiden. It’s a small world…. after all. 😉 Cars Land was our absolute favorite!! Stu and Stanley The Lads and Lightning! Myles was the only one who really wanted to interact with the characters. Oh and Stu, of course! Worn out by the end, but OH SO MUCH... read more

Fitness Goals

One of our “homework” projects for the fitness challenge is to write down some specific goals that we want to achieve with the challenge. I have some that are specific and measurable, and some that are a little less measurable, but still important, I think. I figured I’d write them down here so I’d have even MORE accountability. Ha! So in no particular order, and probably no particular rhyme or reason either (mommy brain + lack of sleep = way fuzzy thoughts) here are my “goals” for the next 90 days-ish. I hope that they will last beyond that as well. 1) Lose the rest of the baby weight. This one is pretty measurable. It’s about 11 lbs that I need to lose to be “back” to where I was weight wise. The twin-skin… well that’s another goal. 2) TONE! I need to seriously tone some muscles. The most obvious of which are my flabby abs. I realize, of course, that I may never completely lose the “baby pooch” and I’ve come to grips with that. My five littles are more than worth a little stretched out skin. Still, I know I can make progress with this. I want to tone all over as well and part of that is to get back to being able to do 16 pushups on my toes (at least once) while doing Insanity. 😉 Right now I’m at like 4. Ha! 3) Make consciously healthy eating choices. This is a bit of a journey rather than a goal because as we learn more about food what we percieve as “healthy” changes. Still I think as I personally have made REALLY great strides in this over the past couple years, and as a family we are making changes as well. It’s great that we can do this now while the kids are little and they won’t feel like we are taking things away from them. However, I still need to work at this on a daily basis and part of that will be to plan ahead. Recently I’ve gone from eating no breakfast (bad bad) to eating peanut butter toast (meh) but I know what I really need to do in order to meet some of my other goals is to have a good high protine breakfast to start the day. I just lack the motivation once I’ve fed the twins, fed the other kids, fed the chickens, to make myself breakfast. SO if... read more

The Ugly

The Good: We are all home together and healthy!! The Bad: We aren’t sleeping enough and everything smells like sour milk. 😉 The Ugly: Medical Bills. 🙁 We have health insurance through Stuart’s work. It’s been pretty good for us thus far. I have only the very basic understanding of insurance. We pay them when we don’t need help so that they can help pay when we do. That’s about the extent of my grasp on the process. It’s a LOT more complicated than that…. a LOT! I can’t wrap my head around deductibles and how only certain charges ever apply to it. Or why if your out of pocket maximum is a certain amount you can still end up paying (in a normal year) twice that. And don’t even think about the whole “in network/not in network” thing they like to pull as well. Especially when you really have no choice of who your provider is at the time, that’s an extremely frustrating thing. We’ve started to get a little glimpse of the magnitude of the bills that we will need to look in the face here soon. The little emergency flight, in particular, is an unfathomable expense! Seriously, if I knew it was THAT expensive I would at least have demanded an inflight meal!! And we haven’t even seen the numbers for the extended hospital stay for the girls yet. I’m trying to brace myself for that one, but my chest gets tight and it’s hard to breathe every time I think about it so for now I’m trying not to. Everyone in the hospital from doctors to social workers suggested applying for medicaid. Apparently it’s a standard thing for preemie hospital stays. Since the hospital we delivered at was not in the state we actually live in there’s no way we would qualify. One day last week it started to weigh really heavily on my mind. All these expenses and “what ifs” and unknowns. I know worrying about it won’t help, of course, and that God knows all of these things and knew about them far in advance in fact. 🙂 So as I was sitting outside watching hummingbirds in our yard and really trying to give the burden over to God, (Much easier in theory than practice, I can tell you!) an old Sunday School song came to mind. It’s one I hadn’t heard or thought of in ages and ages, but it came to... read more


You might remember that some time ago (was it last year or the year before??) I did a fitness challenge with a group on FB. Well the gall that was the coach that time around has stuck with it and become a gem in the Beachbody coaching world! She’s totally dedicated to helping people live healthier lives and is a super fantastic motivator! Way to go, Danielle!! You truly are inspiring! Anyway, I knew she was starting a group challenge again in August, and had talked to her before the twins came about how I was interested in doing another challenge “sometime” because I know I need the accountability and motivation that a little competition brings to the scene. 😉 She messaged me awhile back to see if I was still interested and so I took the plunge and asked to be added to the group. Never mind the no sleep thing, or the dealing with feeding 2 babies all day long thing, or the 3 other kids constant needs thing. And don’t even think about the dishes, laundry, cooking and cleaning thing. Nope! 😉 So while I will be doing our INSANITY program again, I honestly think I might really be just a touch insane to be adding this to my plate. On the other hand I know that having a dedicated workout each day will help in a lot of ways. Before when I did it the workout became my “me” time in the day and that’s something I desperately need! Nice that I can get it in my house surrounded by kids and it still works! Plus I really want to get back into shape. I did SO much better with the pregnancy this time around as far as it’s tole on my body. Surprisingly! Maybe because I checked out of the last part of it, but I didn’t gain “all around” like I have in the past so that’s helpful! I can fit into a couple of my pre-preg pants. Not all of them, but I’ll take it! 😉 I need to lose about 12 lbs to be back to my pre-twins weight and then I’d still like to take a bit more off after that, but I’ll take what I can get either way. Stuart has decided to do the challenge with me, so I’ll have a workout buddy built in! Here’s hoping that I can stick to this and see it through for... read more

Stress Fractures

Even the most flexible tree can only bend so far… And I’m FAR from the most flexible. Today the stress is finally starting to cause fractures. This morning Gabby had a Brady right before I got to the hospital. It was too much for this bent tree to take. So I sat there rocking her and crying my eyes out. The poor nurse was sweet and just kept telling me she was sorry. Our practitioner came over before too long. Likely the nurse had alerted her to the mental breakdown that was going on, and we had some discussion. I was mostly over my meltdown by the time she came, so I was able to speak without completely dissolving into a puddle. We went over several of the SAME things we’ve gone over before, only this time I felt it was time for some polite push back. The thing is, Gabby is getting NO treatment whatsoever for these episodes. She doesn’t need oxygen when they occur. There is basically nothing that they are doing there that we couldn’t do at home beyond monitor her. I suggest a take home monitor or “emergency” oxygen if that’s what it would take. Kids go home every day with worse conditions than bradycardia, I know! She told me they were stopping sending home monitors with families nation wide because they were extremely unreliable. (Good to know) And she said that insurance wouldn’t let me take oxygen because she doesn’t “need” it. Okay, so why in the world does she still have to be in there? That’s when she went into medical overdrive on me. This isn’t the first time that I’ve had medical practitioner jump to worst case scenarios to try to “scare” me into doing something when I’ve been pushing back a little. I think it’s just part of their training and expertise jumping in there, and honestly she wasn’t as bad as some have been. I didn’t feel she was acting condecending because of my “ignorance” but I still didn’t completely let her get away with it. She mentioned before that Gabby could potentially be aspirating food, and that’s one that’s been mentioned several times through this process. The thing is, Gabby is NOT developing a oxygen dependency because of low saturation levels, so it’s unlikely that she is aspirating. I brought that up, and the NP agreed. Next she said that Gabby could develop a intolerance for feeding that could... read more

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